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McFarlane Toys is the premiere innovator of super-detailed action figures. With such incredible properties as the DC Universe, Spawn, Movie Maniacs and so many others we are extremely proud to welcome McFarlane toys as an official sponsor for our Action Figure Fridays weekly web show. 

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NC Comicon is the shining star of the North Carolina convention scene. With 3 yearly shows, Oak City, Greensboro & Bull City they know what comics, cosplay and conventions are all about. Click the picture to check em out!!! 

Fayetteville Comicon is a great old school comics show on a much grander scale. With an extra added element of horror con and being held smack dab in the middle of October, this is a great show to attend and be a part of!!!

Our sister site PrideStark Gaming is a professional esports organization dedicated to bringing a more personable feel from players to the community. They bring you the best esports news and live streaming around!!! Click it!!

Playthrough Gaming Convention is the biggest gamer con in North Carolina. Filling the Raleigh Convention Center with 100,000 square feet of gaming is no easy task but Playthrough makes it look easy and has a little bit of something for everyone! Check them out!!

Heroes Convention is one of the biggest pure comic book conventions in North Carolina. With the longest running history and the biggest assembling of comic book creators, this is a must-see show for any comic book fan!!!

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