Who Is The Variant?

 The Variant is a collective of writers, artists, cosplayers, photographers and most of all fans of the comic book culture that strives to take an exclusive look into the world of Comics, Cosplay and Conventions. We write our own stories and articles. We take our own pictures. We repost nothing from other sites. The content you see on our website is all 100% original and can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. In a world where rehashed ideas are the standard, we instead choose to give a “Variant” outlook at the fandoms, comics, cons and cosplayers you all know and love.

RJ Marchese

Editor-in-Chief / Founder

RJ Marchese is a self-published author and life-long comic book fan who is determined to take his love of that medium from reader to writer. He’s a married father of two who enjoys occasionally cosplaying as a mercenary unicorn and taking photographs of action figures doing ridiculous things. His current industry influences include but are not limited to Kelly Sue DeConnick, Chip Zdarsky, Rick Remender and Gail Simone. RJ, a New Jersey transplant to North Carolina, can generally be found loitering around comic book stores in the area or surrounded by stacks of comic back issues that seem to keep exponentially multiplying. No, really. They’re taking over……… help!

Tomisina Lynn

Director of Photography

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Tomisina Lynn is a professional photographer based out of Durham, North Carolina. She has always had a passion for photography. One look at her work shows her natural ability to capture the perfect image every time. As the photography guru behind Tomisina Lynn Portrait Photography it was a no-brainer to bring the best photog in the state to join the best team in comics, cosplay and conventions.






Technical Director

Face is the guy behind the scenes that keeps all the technical things running. His knowledge of photography and videography grows exponentially and he's the guy we go to when we're planning to shoot the moon to make sure it's not gonna fall out of the sky. 

Black Karma

Cosplay Advocate

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What else is there to say about Black Karma Cosplay that her pictures don't already? A part-time cosplayer, part-time LARPER and full time student, Black Karma is the glue that keeps our convention booths running. Her extensive background in retail and her spot-on cosplays makes her perfection at any convention. 

Joseph Lasorsa

Comics Reviewer

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Our Man Joe is our staff comics reviewer and all around great guy. He is a full-time student that wanted to take a shot at doing some comic reviews and dropped his A-game on us!! Check out some of his cosplay shenanigans as Weapon X Cosplay!!!



Executive Staff Photographer

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Vic is a newcomer to The Variant but has proven her chops with some outstanding work on Cosplay Spotlights, running the photobooth photography and doing convention media coverage. Her gorgeous shots and attention to detail make her an awesome part of an outstanding team.


Awkward Turtle

Cosplay Advocate / Stylist

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Awkward Turtle is a force to be reckoned with and a huge advocate for The Variant. She works with our cosplay photography team to coordinate cosplayers and her outstanding skills in hair and makeup help our Cosplay Spotlights shine!! 



Cosplay Coordinator / Interviewer

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Johnie_5 has been doing behind the scenes work with The Variant for about a year. He works with our cosplay photography team to help coordinate cosplayers and the

photo shoots we love to do! 

Recently he ran a full scale celebrity interview event and killed it!

10 out of 10! 

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