with Chris Sebela

Chris Sebela, author of the critically acclaimed High Crimes comic series and current writer on Escape from New York and WeLCome Back is once again tempting fate by returning to the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada that he spent a week at this past summer. His goal this time is to spend an entire month living there and afterwards will be penning a book and comic series about his experience. We caught up with Chris to get exclusive weekly updates on the happenings at the Clown Motel and to more or less make sure no horrid squeaky nose demise befalls him. Check out the interview below and you can follow Chris on twitter (@xtop) for live action up to the minute Clown Motel tweets.

Sebela Interview, Week Three - The Variant
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Interviews of weeks past
Sebela Interview, Week One - The Variant
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Sebela Interview, Week Two - The Variant
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The Devil
the D.Va

I thought we felt a connection. 

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