July Cosplay Spotlight

A Doll by any other name...

July Spotlight 
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We're spotlighting talent in the cosplay community! Every month, The Variant will showcase a different cosplayer displaying talent, creativity, and a positive voice for the community!

This month we were inundated with pictures. Two of the biggest conventions in the state were within weeks of each other so we took the opportunity to get some of our Cosplay Spotlights shot on-location at both of these cons.


For July we bring you Megan Rogers otherwise known as ReddDoll Cosplay. Megan has been in the local North Carolina cosplay scene for the past 6 years and she is a virtual cosplay chameleon touting a range of over 20+ cosplays under her belt.

ReddDoll Cosplay has also done modeling outside of the cosplay community for the last 7 years and she also acts. Right now you can find her starring in the award-winning web series Dusk.


We did a few different shoots with ReddDoll and these are some of the best of the best as she was literally changing costumes almost every few hours during Animazement. This month we bring you her Christine Daae from the movie, musical and book The Phantom of the Opera, Loki from Marvel Comics Thor, and two extremely scintillating versions of Catwoman from DC Comics.

Don't just take our word for it, GO CHECK OUT THE PICS!!!

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