Strange Things are Afoot...

How the hell do I start this comic review? This was the first thought that crossed my mind upon closing Doctor Strange #1 and opening up my ancient Mac to type out this write up. Should I start by enthusing over the character himself? Maybe opening up with how I’ve been counting the weeks until the release of the first issue? Or how I was holding my breath when I flipped the cover? My hopes were high, expectations even higher…and I was not disappointed. It starts with Stephen making a house call, fending off otherdemionsional soul-eaters, and ends with the threat of a wicked oncoming and the promise of magical mayhem to follow. Jason Aaron did a brilliant job at mixing action, humor, and intrigue, gripping your attention and not letting go until long after you put down the comic. The artwork, by Chris Bachalo, is just as impressive; providing a visual stimulant that incorporates fantastically with Aaron’s story. A great pairing to kick off the start of the new title series for our Sorcerer Supreme. I highly recommend picking up Doctor Strange (keep an eye out for the cosplayer variant cover!). It’s off to a promising start, and a fantastic reminder of why we loved this character in the first place. Now the wait for issue two begins… #comics #hollyniemann #doctorstrange #marvel

Strange Things are Afoot...
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