Marvel Looks Of The Week

Our newest contributor, Matt Conner, has put together a roundup of fantastic costume inspirations from Marvel's weekly output. Everyone, please welcome Matt to The Variant family, and check out the very first Marvel Looks of the Week! From Scarlet Witch #6, every artist on this book has gotten to put a spin on Wanda's costume. Marguerite Sauvage's design is sexy, iconic, and most of all, wearable. This could be closet cosplay for a woman who happens to have the right black vest. And a cape. This one is nominated for folks who love the Scarlet Witch but don't want to try that clunky headdress or the pink bathing suit. From Moon Knight #2, a savvy cosplayer can find white suits, white shirts, white gloves, and white ties in local thrift shops, so the look would only need a mask to pull off Smallwood's panel here. If it's cold enough where you're cosplaying, the suit could be thrown on top of a white morphsuit with fabric pen for the crescent moon. The team from A-Force #5 is crying out for a group cosplay. The more daring of you could pull out the green body paint for She-Hulk or interpret Singularity with a star-patterned unitard and blue hair chalk, while the closet cosplayers could wear Sister Grimm or Dazzler with confidence. A-Force #5's Dazzler Thor (DazzThor? Please can we call her DazzThor?) would be the stretch inspiration for the armor-makers out there. Thor hammers are pretty common sights at conventions, and the hair could be that wig you used for Elsa in Frozen last year, but the rest of the suit is going to take a creative eye and some prior craft experience, so this is a great one to plan out with the other folks in your cosplay community. #mattconner #marvel #costume #cosplay #roundup #costuming

Marvel Looks Of The Week
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