It's Morphin' Time!

It’s MORPHIN' TIME NERDS! Childhood memories flashed over me when I had the chance to sit down and read over Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1. I know what you are thinking; Power Rangers, Moose? Well MMPR has been around since the same time I was introduced to comics so they hold a special place in my pop culture education right next to Marvel’s X-Men and DC’s Batman. When Boom Studios announced that Kyle Higgins would be writing this relaunch, I was floored as he did such an amazing job with other books such as Nightwing and the Batman Eternal series. The story focuses on a point in time when the Green Ranger just returned from being brain washed at the hands of the evil Rita Repulsa. Tommy (The Green Ranger) was introduced as a teenager that had just moved to Angel Grove. He was seen to be equal to Jason’s (Red Ranger) martial arts skills and was turned evil by Rita. This was in order to destroy the rangers so she would be able to take over the world once and for all. As this was a TV show, so I knew that the good guys would always win, but as a 10 year old I always held that question in the back of my mind as to if they could do it? It was the anticipation that made me stop and watch the show. What if they couldn’t defeat the monster that Rita sent? How are they going to get out of this? What if? No matter what, they won and in most cases learned a standard after-school special lesson. In this book, Kyle Higgins digs deeper into the emotional issues that Tommy had to face. We see that the effects of being under Rita’s control left him with a certain uncertainty. It made me think about how I would look at the world if I was used as a tool for evil. This issue was a great read, whether it was by showing us a mixture of emotions to the comic relief of Bulk & Skull or the blooming relationship of Tommy and Kimberly (Pink Ranger). The art is done by Hendry Prasetya, an artist I do not know well and a quick Google search only found a few projects he has worked on. His art is playful, but strong. It’s almost simple, but so filled with emotion and details that it really worked for me. This comic art snob hopes that Mr. Prasetya’s work is seen more and more in the future. The story is rich and leaves you wanting more the way a good comic should leave you. Amazingly enough a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure to work and attend Phoenix Comicon. There I got the chance to meet Austin St. John (the original Red Ranger), Walter Jones (the original Black Ranger), and David Yost (the original Blue Ranger). They were great! They were everything that I thought they would be and more. I will admit that I fanboy’d out when first meeting them at the con and tried to remember that they were just guys that played my heroes from my childhood. Yet they were my heroes; the real ones that were in the flesh and not drawn out on paper. There is something different about that from other page dwelling heroes. All of this makes me remember past lessons that I learned from MMPR and other iconic childhood heroes. I still try to use those same lessons in my own life whether it’s stopping a kid (or myself) from getting bullied or just dreaming of doing something for the greater good of the world. Kids’ stuff really, but I know that I still dream about things like that to this day. Reading this comic I remember all those feeling and hope that with this fanatic representation of MMPR, it produces those same feeling within others. There’s more good in this world than Rita. Remember to pick up the next issues at your local comic book store and check out the spin off series that Boom is doing on the solo adventures of the Pink Ranger. Well it is time to go as the world needs me once more. Remember to laugh hard, create often and as Ed says be kind to each other! Signing off, Your Friendly Neighborhood Moose #Comics #comics #MightyMorphinPowerRangers #PowerRangers #KyleHiggins #HendryPrasetya #GreenRanger #BlackRanger #PinkRanger #RedRanger #BlueRanger #BoomStudios

It's Morphin' Time!
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