I Find These Actions Highly Illogicon, Captain...

Con Size: (2/5) Overall Rating: (4/5) A small three day convention in Cary NC, Illogicon makes its mark in the community. While plenty family friendly, this con does seem to cater to a mature audience. Most who attend the convention note three things as the highest perks of the con; the food, the drinks, and the burlesque show. The con provides free food inside its con suite on the second floor with a fun donation system by which you tip in jars to vote for con staff to be killed in an Oregon Trail game. The hotel itself provides free drinks at its small bar on the first floor. Already presented with two fantastic accommodations throughout the weekend, we are additionally presented with a Saturday night burlesque show put on by some of the most fantastic performers in the area, Nerd-Vana.This year's burlesque show featured some amazing acts including a 'sparkling' Jon Snow rendition, a sultry robot act, and a hilarious love story between Spider-man and Lady Deadpool. My personal favorite was Lady Justice's incredible Negan act from The Walking Dead. The show absolutely blew everyone away. It was definitely an attraction that will keep attendees coming back as long as Illogicon continues to host these ladies. In addition to these wonderful perks of attending, the con also put on a very fun costume contest. Led by some friendly faces such as the gorgeous Jenna Say What?, the contestants left with many awards and high hopes for future competitions. The best in show went to Chiki Cosplay in her amazingly detailed Snow White costume. They did have some technical issues starting the event up and it seems a little chaotic at first, but everyone indeed had a good time. For someone just starting out in cosplay and wanting to get their flippers wet in a contest, this is a great place to start. I hope this convention can continue to grow into a bigger show, as it certainly packs a punch in the little space it has to work with and keeps everyone in good spirits. In relation to other cons of this size, I have to give it a 4/5 star review for the wonderful job they did putting this on. I will be attending again for sure, and cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next year! Check out the rest of Tomisina's Illogicon pictures by HERE! You can find Derpstra at: Facebook: www.facebook.com/DerpstraCosplay Instagram: @DerpstraCosplay #conventions #Conventions #Illogicon #SciFiCon #convention #Convention #Co #Kingpin #Archer #PamPoovey #CaryNorthCarolin #NerdVana #burlesque

I Find These Actions Highly Illogicon, Captain...
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