20 Things Your Comic Store Clerk Wants You To Know

Comics. While we all have our favorite heroes and villains has anyone ever stopped to think about the unsung heroes that give you your comics every week? The tireless workers of your local comic book shop who receive, categorize, bag & board and read all the comics that come into your subscription box and home with you every Wednesday. We spoke to some of our favorite comic book store owners, clerks and workers and asked them to give us the top 15 things they want you as comic book store customers to know. 1. Add new titles to your subscription list BEFORE they come out. Like 2 months before they come out. Previews magazine is out 2-3 months before a new book debuts. If you add it before initials are due you’ll definitely get it. If not then fingers crossed that Diamond will ship it. 2. I will personally recommend books for YOU! If I recommend a book for YOU, try it! I actually think you’ll like it! 3. Yes, as a female I am Into / Like comic books. I read other things besides Harley Quinn. 4. Yes I sometimes (rarely) cosplay but it has nothing to do with me being a female and working with comic books. 5. No, I don't listen to "My Chemical Romance". 6. It’s totally okay to drop a book from your pull list. You don’t have to shamefully slip it back on the rack. Ain’t nobody judging! 7. Try out an anthology title. The anthology is an art when done well and it can turn you on to up and coming creators. You can claim you “prefer their early stuff” that way! 8. Comics come to us loose in cardboard boxes. They have been handled by multiple people before they reach your hands. If all comics were in mint condition, mint wouldn’t be as valuable. Besides, they’re designed to be read, so how’s about you relax about that little spine crease, m’kay? 9. I am WAY more willing to give a discount to that kid dressed up as Batman on the pricey Batman comic because I know he’s buying it to love it, rather than the guy who is speculating on it because they just announced that Signalman is going to be in the next movie. 10. Readers should know that comics are both an artistic and literal form therefore they should know both the artists and writers well. If they are not one and the same you should know that they work hard to display their story to their audience. When you have the opportunity to have a great artist and an unlimitedly talented writer you kind of hit your comic book sweet spot. 11. As a comic book geek you need to be proud of the fact that you have the gift to know a good thing when you read it. You can understand heroes and therefore you know what it takes to spot one. You can use this gift to the benefit of your community. Stand up for what is right and believe in the betterment of it by living by the actions of what you have read. 12. I don’t do this for the money.… cuz there ain’t none… 13. Please stop asking about Secret Wars. Marvel doesn’t even know when it’s coming out. 14. Only you can prevent the death of print media: by buying more comics. 15. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, should read "The Goon". The series finale just came out this past Wednesday and I would say that it's one of the best books I've read this week, or even this year. I would encourage anyone who can read, or even just anyone who can look at cool pictures, to pick up an issue and check it out. 16. I want everyone to know that there is no need to be shy when looking for something new. Comic shop clerks are always prepared to suggest new titles and we want you to like the book not just buy it so we can get a quick sale. We want you hooked on a series for life! 17. Having a store that offers you a subscription service is great because it helps the store gauge what you want AND you get a discount. 18. If your local comic book store is having an sale or book signing event, go check it out! You never know what kind of great sales or deals they might be having. 19.Please wash your hands after using our public bathroom and then handling the comics. 20. Publisher sites (Marvel, DC Etc.) generally do not know the actual release date of comics. For actual shipping schedules refer to Diamond Comic Distributors website or store websites (such as www.ssalefish.com) that get shipping info from Diamond. Special thanks to the employees at Ultimate Comics, Ultimate Comics Raleigh And Ssalefish Comics!! http://ultimatecomics.com/ http://www.ssalefish.com/ #comics #comicstore #RjMarchese

20 Things Your Comic Store Clerk Wants You To Know
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