Privateers and UFOs: Marauders #10 Review

You know what we haven’t done in a while?

A review of new comic books!

You know what finally came back last week?

New Comic Books!!

You know what time it is?

Time to discuss new comics!!!

That’s right, new comics are back and we’ve been itching to talk about ‘em since we got back from our local comic shop on Wednesday! But what should we cover?

How about Marauders??

But before we talk about the most recent issue of this great series, you’ll probably want to catch up with the rest of it. Be sure to check out our review of issue #1. If you’ve never picked up the series before, here’s a quick recap of this book.

Previously on Marauders:

Captain Kate Pryde and her X-crew of the Marauders have been sailing the high seas liberating oppressed mutants, delivering Krakoan pharmaceuticals, and fighting mutant oppressors whoever they may be. Most recently they’ve been clashing with the forces of the Homines Verendi, the successor to the Hellfire Club, as well as a bunch of foreign governments opposed to the mutants. A surprise threat emerges in the form of Sebastian Shaw (Black King of the Hellfire Trading Company) turning against both the Red (Kate & Co) and White (Emma & Co) factions of the company to consolidate power. In this slow and methodical takeover, Sebastian killed Kate, knowing that she may not be resurrected to tell the tale. The Marauders, now moved on from mourning to vengeance, are now going in full force against their anti-mutant enemies. While the Black King’s plans elude them, Xavier and “The Five” try and figure out what the deal is with Kate’s inability to pass through Krakoan gateways and now her resurrection.

We pick up the issue with Forge at Krakoa’s first distillery interrupting Sebastian Shaw’s whiskey tasting which is apparently pretty damn fine with the help of Tempo aging it with her mutant powers. He’s met by Storm who confronts him about information regarding the power dampening tech their enemies have been using. It’s tech that Forge actually created back in the 80’s when he worked for the government. He’s adamant that he destroyed any designs and files on the tech when he quit...but then remembers that one of his underlings had a photographic memory. That underling was also kidnapped and believed to be on a Russian freighter where the weapons in use by the Homines Verendi and various governments around the world are made.