Privateers and UFOs: Marauders #10 Review

You know what we haven’t done in a while?

A review of new comic books!

You know what finally came back last week?

New Comic Books!!

You know what time it is?

Time to discuss new comics!!!

That’s right, new comics are back and we’ve been itching to talk about ‘em since we got back from our local comic shop on Wednesday! But what should we cover?

How about Marauders??

But before we talk about the most recent issue of this great series, you’ll probably want to catch up with the rest of it. Be sure to check out our review of issue #1. If you’ve never picked up the series before, here’s a quick recap of this book.

Previously on Marauders:

Captain Kate Pryde and her X-crew of the Marauders have been sailing the high seas liberating oppressed mutants, delivering Krakoan pharmaceuticals, and fighting mutant oppressors whoever they may be. Most recently they’ve been clashing with the forces of the Homines Verendi, the successor to the Hellfire Club, as well as a bunch of foreign governments opposed to the mutants. A surprise threat emerges in the form of Sebastian Shaw (Black King of the Hellfire Trading Company) turning against both the Red (Kate & Co) and White (Emma & Co) factions of the company to consolidate power. In this slow and methodical takeover, Sebastian killed Kate, knowing that she may not be resurrected to tell the tale. The Marauders, now moved on from mourning to vengeance, are now going in full force against their anti-mutant enemies. While the Black King’s plans elude them, Xavier and “The Five” try and figure out what the deal is with Kate’s inability to pass through Krakoan gateways and now her resurrection.

We pick up the issue with Forge at Krakoa’s first distillery interrupting Sebastian Shaw’s whiskey tasting which is apparently pretty damn fine with the help of Tempo aging it with her mutant powers. He’s met by Storm who confronts him about information regarding the power dampening tech their enemies have been using. It’s tech that Forge actually created back in the 80’s when he worked for the government. He’s adamant that he destroyed any designs and files on the tech when he quit...but then remembers that one of his underlings had a photographic memory. That underling was also kidnapped and believed to be on a Russian freighter where the weapons in use by the Homines Verendi and various governments around the world are made.

With this information presented to the Quiet Council, they decide what the best course of action is. Sebastian Shaw argues that it is a bit too early in its geo-political lifespan for Krakoa to be picking fights of that scale and suggests X-Force handle the situation covertly. Both Xavier and Magneto ignore his opinion and give the Marauders the green light for the assault with the added directive from Magneto to “leave none to tell the tale”.

The Marauders begin their attack on the ship and it’s a pretty textbook take-down. Iceman freezes all the water around the freighter, raising it above sea level. Forge and Bishop, (the latter in a snazzy new Red Bishop of the Hellfire Company costume), take down some of the ship’s crew and rescue the engineer who worked with Forge. Emma takes out the rest of the ship’s crew by turning themselves against each other when they get preoccupied with similar thoughts regarding Emma’s costume. Emma then proceeds to capture the ship’s captain and the entire crew in her brother’s Christian’s ship (which is a UFO btw). She wipes the entire crew’s minds of the last month, makes them not hate mutants and become physically ill if their thoughts ever come to bigotry of any people, drops them off in Red Square, and then destroys the empty ship.

With the mission accomplished, we move on to two loose ends: Daniels, Forge’s former government coworker, and the fate of Kate Pryde. While he’s now no longer forced to make power-dampening weapons, he still knows too much. Emma wipes his mind of what his life was and then gives him a new shot at life at the retirement area in Arizona that Krakoa owns (set up some issues back). As for Kate, the Five are still trying to resurrect her but it’s been no luck since last issue and they have no clue why. Xavier calls it a day for now, opting to tell Emma of his decision later and highly implying that Krakoa might have its first funeral, ending the issue.

It’s no lie that a majority of the X-Men titles have been pretty spectacular since they all relaunched under the Dawn of X post HoX / PoX. Marauders was no different when it first came out and continues to be no different now. It’s an action-packed, quasi-comedic adventure that every X-fan should be putting on their pull lists. No joke, this book has been the most consistently well written, well-drawn title that Marvel has put out in recent times and this issue is a prime example of what’s so great about it.

Marauders #10 is the continuation of the aforementioned action-packed wild ride that Gerry Duggan has been putting us on with this series. I say that but don’t be fooled when we get some comedic moments crossed with the cliffhanging suspense of the end of the issue. Also the addition of Christian Frost’s UFO is a great mystery for another time. It’s all some pretty amazing storytelling that’s able to blend the background, awareness and story potential of the overall Dawn of X story with a unique and fun tale that stands on its own. Marauders also gives us that classic X-Men team comradery with characters that actually care about one another and work together like a well-oiled machine. Duggan and artist Stefano Casselli knock it out of the park with this one and give us the best an X-Men fan could ask for while leaving us wanting more for issue #11. With what looks like the mystery of Kate Pryde coming closer to light and Krakoa’s first funeral, I can’t wait for what else is in store for this book!

Verdict: 8.5/10 Holes in One at the Krakoa Retirement Resort in Arizona

It’s great to have comics back folks, but let’s remember that your local comic shop may have been hit hard during the hiatus. So if you’re able, maybe now’s the time to buy that trade you’ve been looking at for a while, to add an extra title to your pull list, or just pick up some comic supplies for your books. Anything would help! These stores are the lifeblood of the industry, so let’s make sure they stay that way by helping them out in any way we can!!

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