PRESS RELEASE: Microsoft and American Esports team-up for Game Day!


On February 22nd 2020 The Variant will be at the Microsoft Store at The Streets at Southpoint mall in Durham, NC as American Esports teams-up with Microsoft to host Game Day.

The American Esports team will be out in full force to answer questions about live-streaming and how anyone can become a part of their newly launched Sentinel Program. The Microsoft Store will be setting up a networked collection of state-of-the-art gaming stations for guests to try out and compete with some of the best gamers around the NC area in games such as Jump Force, Tekken 7 and Gears of War.

Microsoft Gaming expert Couri Glen will be in on-site and facilitating the event.

The Variant will be in attendance providing media coverage and will have some of their Cosplay Spotlights on hand to meet, greet and compete with guests in some of the gaming competitions.

American Esports serves the competitive gaming community by mentoring players who aspire to improve their video gaming skills, compete in tournaments and realize opportunities to translate their passion to purpose, whether through college programs and scholarships or by positioning themselves to work in the fastest growing technology industry in the world, esports.

The Variant is a collective of writers, artists, cosplayers, photographers and most of all fans of the comic book culture that strives to take an exclusive look into the world of Comics, Cosplay and Conventions.

Join us on February 22nd 2020 from 3 – 7pm as we showcase some of the best and brightest in the local North Carolina esports and cosplay communities.

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