Are You There God? It's Me, Orlando Jones.

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Guys... GUYS!!!!

​There's a ton of awesome things I get to do as the owner of The Variant.

I get to go to awesome conventions.

I get to see amazing comic books and toys.

I get to take pictures of all the best cosplayers.


I got to meet Orlando Jones.

At NC Comicon: Oak City in March we had the distinct pleasure of meeting master thespian and comedic actor, Orlando Jones in all his 7-Up yours, Mad TV, American Gods, Can I sell you 40 subscriptions to Vibe glory!!!

And he was SO friggin cool.

​And not only did we get to meet him, Charlie Rocket Cosplay sat down for an interview with him!!!

Charlie Rocket got the 411 on his con experiences, his cosplays, his favorite drink in the south and so much more AMAZINGNESS!!!!

​SPECIAL shout-out to NC Comicon for getting us the hook-up with the incredible Orlando Jones!!

​Videography by the great Face of Tomisina Lynn Portrait Studios.

Why are you still reading this???


Get More Orlando Jones HERE:

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