The Young Adventures of Nathan Christopher Charles Summers Dayspring Askani'son: Cable #1 Review

In the brave new world of X-Men under the tutelage of Jonathan Hickman, you have to wonder what some of the solo adventures of the merry mutants would look like. Well young Cable is here to kick ass and take names and he’s all out of names to take… wait isn’t it the other way around? Ah who cares, everyone’s favorite time traveling mutant is back and living it up on Krakoa. Let’s see what happens with Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto’s Cable #1!

The issue starts up with young Cable (he’s been our 616 Cable ever since he killed his older self in 2018’s eXtermination crossover) fighting Wolverine in the Thunderdome!

Two Mutants Enter!

One Mutant Leaves!

Okay, it’s actually just a regular sparring pit but Wolverine’s got Cable on the ropes. This is the young Cable though, with faster reflexes and the ability to freeze Logan with his telekinesis, sheath his claws with his broken gun, pin him to the ground and win the match. In the stands Wolverine fans are upset, Gorgan wins a bet against Callisto, and Cable’s fans carry him out on their shoulders. Silver Samurai, the officiator of the sparring matches, cracks a joke at Wolverine’s expense.

The crowd carries Cable outside where he meets up with Pixie and Armor. A young mutant named Curse shows up and asks for Cable’s help finding her friend Fauna (a.k.a the kid who’s been making coffee on Krakoa) who is lost on Arakko. Cable and Pixie find the kid just in time to fight one of the monsters living on the island. He sees that the monster is rampaging because it’s got something stuck in its paw. Easy fix for young Nathan Summers, as he blasts the monster on its side and pulls out what’s stuck in its paw with his telekinesis.

Turns out it’s a kickass sword with the unfortunate side effect of giving Cable a psychic overload which gives him a flash of how the sword got there. The sword, called the Light of Galador, originally belonged to a spaceknight named Morn who traversed the universe fighting monsters until he landed on a primitive earth and has a run in with the monster Cable just fought and the rest is history.

Cable wakes up in one of Krakoa’s sick bays surrounded by his friends and he tells them that he got a psychic flash of the sword’s previous owner and announces that the acquisition of this sword means that he’s now a sword guy, leaving the whole gun motif to his past...or future or… um … Anyway the Lion-o-esque raising of swords is interrupted by Cyclops coming in to scold everyone for going to Arakko but he checks out the sword, exclaiming how it’s light-weight and probably alien in nature. We then cut to a space museum that houses things from lost civilizations where three spaceknights come back online, bust out of their exhibits, and leave to find the Light of Galador.

But wait there’s more! Before we close out the issue, the last page gives us a glimpse of what’s coming for Cable in the future. Specifically his future is coming for him… or his past … or … grrrr time travel… Anyway the last two pages show someone shaking down a demonic crab for information on a person’s whereabouts. That someone is old Cable or Cable as we usually know him, guns, pouches, and everything.

And so ends our first foray back into Cable’s solo adventures in the Dawn of X and I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome! This was a fun time to be had both as an X-Men fan and a comic fan. Action, adventure, comedy, some continuity deep-cuts, and some amazing artwork courtesy of Phil Noto all come together to make this one heck of a book and an awesome read.

Speaking of continuity deep-cuts, those spaceknights, am I right?! This was something I was totally not expecting to see in Marvel comics mostly because there hasn’t been a Marvel Rom comic since the 80’s. Now for those who aren't aware, Rom: Spaceknight was a Marvel comic from the 70s and 80s that was licensed from Parker Brothers / Hasbro. Like most 80’s properties it was basically a comic made to sell toys. It was actually really integrated with the rest of the Marvel Universe though, crossing over with characters like the X-Men, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Rick Jones. It’s kinda like how Conan the Barbarian is currently integrated with the modern Marvel Universe. Since 2016 IDW has had the license to publish Rom comics so spaceknights showing up at Marvel was not expected. Seeing the spaceknights and the Light of Galador (Galador being Rom’s planet) back in a Marvel comic was a delight and I applaud Gerry Duggan putting this in the comic and making it a part of the series. It was also cool to see Silver Samurai showing up on Krakoa. I’m a big fan of the character and I’m glad to see him back. The whole sparring match at the beginning was an excellent intro for the book.

Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto brought their A-games to this book and it really shows. Between this and Marauders, Gerry Duggan is killing it on X-books, creating fun and exciting adventures that are must-reads for Dawn of X. Phil Noto’s unique, photorealistic style adds stunning beauty to the panels of the comic, especially with the colors. I’ve only recently discovered Phil and I’m so glad I have. His work is absolutely fantastic and seeing it here is a joy. Cable #1 is a great solo addition to the Dawn of X and I can’t wait for more!

Verdict: 8/10 Spaceknights of Galador

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