Army of the Anti-Living - DCeased: Dead Planet #6 Review

Superman has found the cure and Constantine prepares for the threat of Trigon! With only two issues left will our heroes cure the virus, beat back the demon, and win the day or are we all doomed? Let’s find out in issue six of DCeased: Dead Planet.

We start the issue with a look at the super-villains at the Australian bunker. Dr. Ivo is finally ready to bring his army of Amazo robots online and send them out to destroy all the Anti-Life zombies on the planet. The super-villains can then do what they always do, try to take over the world. Meanwhile Cyborg has re-coded his blood and is now able to access the Life Equation but he doesn’t know how to turn it into a cure they can distribute. They’d need the greatest minds in biochemistry to do it and they’re all pretty much dead. Luckily for the sake of the human race, they have Swamp Thing and more importantly who’s in Swamp Thing: Alec Holland.

Alec Holland was one of the great minds in biochemistry, (or at least pretty close), and Swamp Thing has Alec’s memories. Unfortunately even he doesn’t think that would be enough to craft a cure though he won’t be alone. Batman is recruiting the remaining minds of the Justice League: Cyborg, Mary Marvel (with the wisdom of Solomon), Poison Ivy (M.D. in toxicology), Harley Quinn (M.D. in psychology and medicine), Kid Flash (the fastest mind on the planet), Detective Chimp (the world’s greatest problem-solver) and, of course, Batman (because Batman) and they’re all psychically connected with Swamp Thing and Doctor Fate. This meeting of the minds yields the cure as the army of Amazo begins destroying any zombies in their path.

Though the heroes have the cure, they now have to test it to see if it works. Green Canary argues for Green Arrow to be the guinea pig for the cure but Mister Miracle butts in and argues for Big Barda to be brought back first. He believes that since Barda is a New God, that if something was to go wrong, she could take it where Ollie may not survive. The team sets out to get Barda from where Mister Miracle had her locked up but find that she’s escaped. She then appears and attacks Mister Miracle in a murderous zombie rage. While she’s distracted trying to eat her husband, Superman is able to inject her with the cure. It works and she turns back into her old non-zombie self. Now with a successful cure, the League can start to make more of it and distribute it to those on Earth using Kid Flash. The fastest kid alive is perfect to help Cyborg produce more of the cure in the time left before the Amazo army and Trigon wipe everything out.

Speaking of Trigon and the utter annihilation of the world. With the clock ticking and the heroes dealing with multiple world ending threats, Constantine starts to put all his plans together. Zatanna and the Phantom Stranger show up to crash his magical pad and they berate him for stockpiling magical relics and injuring ancient gods and magical entities. The argument stops when Jason Blood appears and confirms all the heinous business Trigon has been up to since he arrived on Earth. Zatanna and the Stranger reluctantly agree to work with Constantine on the final piece of his plan: the helmet of Nabu also known as The Helmet of Fate. Of course Doctor Fate isn’t going to give it up willingly so Constantine and his friends trick him. The Phantom Stranger wounds the good doctor and Constantine uses the power of Shazam to remove the helmet from Dr. Fate. Zatanna walks in on all of this and is shocked but ultimately knows Constantine is doing what he can to stop the oncoming onslaught of Trigon. She gives him a parting kiss before he goes off to fight the demon lord, ending the issue.

The end of this series is closing in fast but I’m not quite sure I’m ready for the ride to be over yet. DCeased: Dead Planet has been bar-none one of the best comics of 2020 and each issue has been a great joy to read each month, with this issue being a perfect example why. It’s a great and compelling story with some nice small scale moments that are either shocking or hilarious, a good setup and payoff, and it’s all done by a competent writer and a talented artist. I mean, there really isn’t anything else to say that I haven’t said already. This book is a triumph of consistently good DC storytelling and has done far more to keep me reading a DC book than any main continuity book is right now. My only complaint is that while this is the ramp up to the end, I’m not sure how they will finish off all the story threads without making it feel slapped together or compartmentalized in just one issue. Here’s hoping they stick the landing but for right now, Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine have done an amazing job with this issue and series and I hope they get to do more work together soon!

Verdict: 8.5 / 10 Minutes Until Earth is Destroyed!

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