Only the Beginning: Powers of X #6 Review

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Here we are folks, the finale to the beginning of this new time in the X-Men’s continued history. Let’s see what else there is to experience about this brave new era of X!

We pick up the issue with a flashback to Powers of X #1 and Charles and Moira’s meeting in the past (X Year 1). I’m not gonna sum up all of this because we’ve seen it before. This time around we get a through line from Xavier reading Moira’s mind but we’ll find out more about that later.

Powers of X then time jumps to the distant future, where Earth is to be assimilated into the Phalanx and mutants are kept in a zoo. We get one last glimpse (as far as we know) at the X Year 1000 timeline. So what’s the deal with the far-flung future now that those blue aliens are gonna be incorporated into the Phalanx and the Earth destroyed? The Librarian has a theory which he goes to the Preserve (a big zoo for the remaining mutant population) to explain to Wolverine and Moira MacTaggert. The two are somewhat shocked to learn of the planet’s impending doom after the coming ascension of the Librarian's people as a part of the Phalanx and then the Phalanx ascension into a godhead. They’re even more shocked when they find out that the Librarian has plans for them which all fit into his theory. It seems he knows about Moira’s resurrection powers and knows that she and Wolverine will just restart Moira’s lifecycle to prevent their annihilation. If he ascends to a godhead before that, this new form would never allow that kind of being to exist. In short, the Librarian is conflicted with that decision because while he does wish to ascend he realizes that a godhead will come at a price. This is why he brings the dilemma to these two. What would they do to stop post-humanity? Wolverine says he’d stop it at the humanity part.

Speaking of which, Post-Humanity (or Homo Novissima, literally Last Man / last step in the evolutionary chain) turns out to be the Librarian's race. They're not aliens, they're a degree and they are inevitable. You see, where the mutants were literally the next step in human evolution, post-humans are the result of human experimentation with genetic engineering which in turn leads them to outlast the mutants. It was never the machines that would destroy the mutant population, they just bought them time. Truly, the super men will bring about the end of mutant kind, because they never saw post humans coming.

With the Librarian's quandary seemingly answered, he feels as if there is no other choice but to embrace his eminent godhead. That is until Wolverine decides to bring him closer to God by stabbing him through the head. The next logical next step for Logan and Moira is to do what they do best: Kill and Die. Logan kills Moira to restart her life again with this new information and ends her sixth lifecycle.

Next we move back to Charles reading Moira’s mind, revealing that Charles has seen all of her life experiences up until now (whether that means up through life six or nine, I’m not sure), resulting in Charles reeling in pain from the sheer volume and content of what Moira has experienced. The through line (from earlier and previous issues) is that the mutants lose in every conceivable timeline which leaves a distraught Charles baffled and wondering how he could prevent these dark futures. Instead Moira convinces him that he has to change. For the sake of mutant kind’s future, Moira has to “break” Xavier because he’s “been dreaming the wrong dream and it’s past time he woke up”.

From there we see the progression of Moira’s breaking of Charles Xavier through her journal entries, starting with the difficulties of changing a mind so idealistic as Charles’. We see breakthroughs with him and the beginnings of his thoughts of mutants working in-tandem, the bringing in and eventual departure of Magneto to the group, the dealings with Mr. Sinister (and the fact that he’s produced a chimera mutant decades ahead of time: himself), and finally the faking of her death with a Sh’iar golem so that she can work behind the scenes.

Cut to the present, just after the first meeting of the new Krakoan government (seen in House of X #6), and Xavier and Magneto bringing Moira tea and good news of their successful first meeting with a couple caveats. Emma Frost has still yet to name a Red King (leaving Moira more distrustful of her) and we find out that Mystique’s request from Powers of X #2 was to bring back her love Destiny. Moira objects to this because her precognitive abilities can put everything they’ve done in jeopardy (precogs can sense Moira and will eventual tell the rest of the mutants the truth). Magneto and Xavier don’t see much of a problem with that, as both of them believe that everyone will accept the truth that at one point the mutants lost but now they won’t because of Moira. The issue ends with a look at the previously depicted mutant house party at the end of House of X #6 with the added bonus of a few words between Magneto and Xavier about living and dying for Krakoa and being proud of who they are.

I’ll admit I’ve been a bit more critical of this book than House of X, but overall I’d say Powers of X was a pretty good companion series to HoX. It was also fairly essential to the overarching story, as well as what Hickman will continue to write in the upcoming X-Men and New Mutants books. PoX was a kinda weird explanatory book for a while for me, but as we moved forward I began to appreciate the end of the series more and more. Issue six was a fantastic issue that answered a bunch of questions that were asked at the beginning of the series and even a few I didn’t think of. X Year 1000 being Moira’s sixth life was awesome as well as something I probably should have guessed after the reveal in issue three where X Year 100 was revealed to be Moira’s ninth life. Nonetheless a cool reveal that finally made me care about that plotline. Post-humanity as the ultimate mutant enemy is a great idea, because it was never the machines that stopped the X-Men it was always people. What an interpretation! Moira’s journals were also an important add-on to the series and a genius way to make all of this fit into continuity. Magneto leaving gives us the era where he was an actual X-Men villain and Moira faking her death fits in with her supposed death by the legacy virus. Again hats off to RB Silva! He’s done an uncanny job on the art not only for this issue but for the entirety of the series. I’m sad to hear that both he and Pepe Larraz aren’t on any of the upcoming X-Books but hopefully they’ll return to the mutant realm soon. Hickman, you’ve done it again, and hopefully you’ll continue to do it again with your upcoming books and the rest of your story. An amazing finale, here’s to the Hickman, Silva, Larraz, and all the Merry Mutants too!

Verdict: 9.5 / 10 Uncanny X-Men

Overall Verdict: Buy this book in trade, digital, floppy disk or wherever you can where comics are sold!

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