The Council Of Krakoa: House of X #6 Review

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Mutants finally have a nation of their own… again. Let’s see what happens this time in House of X #6!

The issue opens up a month prior to the present on Krakoa where we find Magneto, Xavier, and Moira MacTaggert preparing for the psychic proclamation Xavier is about to give to the human populace of earth. It’s basically the same stuff he’s been saying since issue one:

He’s willing to give humanity three miracle drugs in exchange for recognizing Krakoa as a nation.

He will allow mutants to claim their Krakoan citizenship while also giving mutants labeled as criminals amnesty to obtain citizenship as well, as they are no longer to be judged by the laws of man.

Usually he’d do all of this for free, but he's tired of humanity's treatment of mutants so now they have to pay for it. Humanity was on its last straw with the mutant community, and when it decided to ignore them, they sealed their own fate as the current dominant species.

While they slept, the world changed.

*Cue the title sequence*

Before we move to the story, we get one last set of files for the House of X series that breaks down the inaugural government of Krakoa. The government is comprised of a council of fourteen and a team of captains who are in-charge in times of trouble. The council is made up of four seasonal seats meaning they’re named after seasons not that they are temporary.

Autumn is comprised of Xavier, Magneto, and Apocalypse.

Winter is comprised of Mister Sinister, Exodus, and Mystique.

Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, and an as of yet unknown player titled “Red King” make up the Spring team.

Storm, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawler are Summer and Krakoa with his translator Cypher are Krakoa.

The Captains consist of Cyclops as the Captain Commander (Captain in Charge), Gorgon, Bishop, and Magik.

Next we get to see the inaugural meeting of the inaugural council of Krakoa. So, what’s the first act as a fully formed mutant government?

Well obviously it’s trying Sabretooth for his crimes.

In an attempt to start constructing laws that Victor Creed can be tried by, all parties involved start arguing on the basis of how their new society should be built.

Is killing a mutant the highest crime if you can simply bring them back?

Would killing a human then be considered a higher crime?

Should Krakoa be considered their property taking into account that Krakoa is alive?

The entire discussion culminates in the agreement of the council to the three laws of Krakoa:

Make More Mutants.

Murder No Man.

Respect This Sacred Land.

With that done they can finally try Sabretooth. They almost immediately find him guilty of the second law of Krakoa (back in issue one of the series when he killed a bunch of security guards at the Damage Control building). He’s gets exiled from society and put into stasis deep within Krakoa so that he may not commit any more crimes until he is rehabilitated (which will probably take a long time).

And so ends the first meeting of the first Krakoan government. Enough of all that legal stuff, it’s time to party! The party is basically the rest of the issue, though we do get to see almost everyone at this “end of Return of the Jedi” type party. We see “The Five” dancing around a bonfire. Siryn is boosting Dazzler’s ability to create a tremendous amount of fireworks. We also see Exodus telling stories to the mutant children, Wolverine, Cyclops, and Marvel Girl hanging out followed by Wolverine and Gorgon sharing a beer then Emma Frost and Jean Grey sharing a beer while Cyclops and Havok act like, well, bros. We also see Apocalypse brooding in the dark background, while Xavier and Magneto take it all in. This is all accompanied by Xavier’s monologue about their reason to celebrate. After all, look what they’ve done.

Before I go on to talk about this issue specifically, I’m going to take a moment to talk about the House of X series as a whole. This has been one of the best X-Men books I’ve read in a long time. Not to discredit anyone who’s been working on X-Men books in recent times. X-Men ‘92, Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force, and Wolverine and the X-Men were personally some of the best stuff of the decade until this. At times it’s been as if the X-Men haven’t been as impactful as they used to be. This series has been a bold new step for the X-Men, as well as a welcome change for the mutant status quo in the Marvel Universe. Hickman has brought his A game for this book, and if this is any indication of what the upcoming X-Men series will be, that book will be in great hands! Here’s to the X-Men; reborn for the better and back on top! We now return to our regularly scheduled review.

This issue was spectacular!

Quite the grand and worthy end to this half of the series and here’s hoping Powers of X #6 will do the same! I cannot praise this issue enough. Seeing the completed council of Krakoa (mostly, except for the Red King’s identity) was fulfilling and an interesting perspective on what’s to come for the upcoming slate of X-titles. Sabretooth’s sentence is also something to keep an eye. You don’t get “Sarlacc Pit-ted” and then not be expected to return. Just ask Boba Fett. I will admit the only part I thought was a bit weird was Nightcrawler’s suggestion of making more mutants coming off a bit sexual. To me the vibe was completely weird. The rest of the issue continued to be great as well. The large scale celebration on Krakoa with almost all of mutantdom was a great excuse to see all of our favorite mutants drawn beautifully by Pepe Larraz. Hickman and Larraz killed it this issue for its finale.

Fantastic issue!! On to the Powers of X finale!

Verdict: 9.5/10 Partying Mutants

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