A Super (Hero) Day at Ali Gator's

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Words like classic, timeless, and nostalgic are often used to describe things nowadays. Maybe it’s because the Generation Xer’s are getting older and they’re starting to feel their youth slipping through their fingers.

This past Saturday PrideStark and the Variant were lucky enough to visit AliGator Snoballs in Apex, North Carolina. There we were treated to something that I can only describe as a timeless experience that I believe many would consider nostalgic to a life before the internet and our smartphones took over our lives and weekends.

Unlike most of my reviews I’m going to start off here with a bit of a life story about myself. When I was younger I lived in a lower-class part of Maryland. My father and I didn’t get to spend tons of time together but when we did it was quality time nonetheless. One of my earliest and most meaningful memories was my father taking me to an ice cream shop near the mall and getting a large scooped cone of “whack-vanilla” ice cream. It was named that because it was vanilla dyed crazy colors with tons of sprinkles and toppings all over it. We both got a cone and then sat outside and listened to the music they played and I often made fun of it because it was “grandpa’s music” playing. The ice cream and the experience was to me, the best in the world at the time and I remember those handfuls of days so fondly from my youth.

AliGator Snoballs is just that – the best memory I’ve ever had brought back to life. I got to sit outside listening to old music that my grandfather would have listened to and eat some crazy ice cream with my son. Now the flavor was being called Cookie Monster, but it was pretty much the same, blue dyed vanilla with tons of cookies packed in. It was so good I’ve had seconds almost every time we’ve been there. You are 100% missing out if you haven’t tried it.

The parking lot is slightly hidden from sight so make sure to use the address at the bottom of the article to find it. Grab your favorite flavor of ice cream or snow cone and just relax for a moment and enjoy the company or the quiet. If you can’t decide which flavor to get I dare you to try the Toothpaste or Pickle flavored snow cone. Tell me how it is. I’m positive the amazing staff there will dare you to try it as well!

In fact, the three employees working last Saturday were more than attentive to everyone that showed up and even brought our cosplayers some bottled water to make sure they stayed hydrated (even though all of us were eating ice cream and snow cones).

If you haven’t gathered by this article I can put it bluntly – you need to get out to Ali Gator Snoballs in Apex NC and experience some of the best desserts and nostalgia in the RTP area. Their timeless throwback is an experience you really won’t find anywhere else in the area and you can thank us afterwards.



830 E Williams St, Apex, NC 27502, USA

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