To Infinity and Be.... wait, that's not right...

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Hey, Guys! You know what time it is? No, not Adventure Time.

It’s time for a Marvel main event!

What d’ya mean we just had an event in August (Secret Empire)?

What d’ya mean there’s been a slew of crossovers and character-specific events/limited series?

Pssh. This is totally different! This has Infinity Stones! Hmmm, Infinity Stones….. It’s almost like there’s a movie coming out soon. Come on, it’ll be fun!

As Infinity Countdown Prime begins, we find Wolverine in the Canadian wilderness with the Space Stone, the Infinity Stone he procured during the events of Marvel Legacy #1. As he’s drinking his beer, he’s attacked by Ultron’s cyborg underlings, because Ultron is kind of like the Borg from Star Trek of the Marvel U. now. Ultron is trying to collect the Infinity Stones for his own nefarious purposes but Wolverine isn’t willing to part with his stone and slashes up the Ultron cyborgs with the help of his stone which allows him to teleport ala Nightcrawler. After dispatching the robots, Loki shows up looking to take Wolverine’s stone away, as he originally tried to grab it back in Marvel Legacy #1. Wolvie tells him to take a hike and Loki gives us a bit about how we’re all doomed.

The comic moves on to the other characters in the Marvel Universe who also have Infinity Stones, First up is Turk Barrett. Netflix fans will recognize him from the multitude of Marvel shows he’s shown up in and here he’s using the Mind Stone to win some big money at a local casino.

Next we have Captain Marvel, a.k.a Carol Danvers, who’s taken the Reality Stone, bringing about a funny panel with past holders of the mantle of Captain Marvel: Monica Rambeau, Mar-vell, and… Captain Marvel Jr.? For those of you unaware, DC’s Shazam used to be called Captain Marvel, as well as the Shazam Family being called the Marvels, when they first appeared. Seeing that either the writer or the artist has a sense of humor about the matter is nice.

Moving on, the Power Stone is being kept by the Nova Corps which has grown to an enormous size making it difficult to hide from scum and villainy. The Time Stone appears on a rebirthed Sakaar (Planet Hulk) captured by Kl’rt the Super-Skrull. The next couple of pages show Adam Warlock pop out of the tomb he was put in during his prelude to this event and Thanos reigning over the Chitauri.

The final stone, the Soul Stone, is in the hands of the Magus, Adam Warlock’s evil side incarnate, and while he continues to scold our narrator, the elder god Contemplator, he’s killed by Pymtron, the Ultron/Hank Pym fusion. After dispatching the Evil Warlock, he takes the Soul Stone proclaiming his intention to assemble all the stones and “rewrite the entire universe”. The issue closes with Hank Pym’s soul, the actual Hank Pym, inside the Soul Stone’s soul world, but don’t worry folks he’s not alone, Gamora’s soul is there to keep him company… FOREVER!

So…..yeah, I’ll be honest folks, I’m not very excited about this crossover event yet. I feel like Marvel should take a break from events for a little bit because right now the event fatigue feelings are strong. Gerry Duggan does a good writing job here. He tells the story just fine but it’s not his best work. It’s not shitty in any way but I’ve seen better from him. Though, his jokes are really good, such as the Wolverine stabbing Loki after Loki stabbed Wolverine or Adam Warlock waking up in present-day Egypt, acting like Scrooge at the end of A Christmas Carol. It’s nice to see the Super-Skrull being involved in this event, as well as Pymtron. Duggan loves to use him in his books and I can’t disagree. The art is unique and very surreal but that’s how I always see Mike Deodato Jr.’s art. It’s always been really weird to me (in a good way) but I think he fits this story just fine. The issue also has a bunch of extra information on the Infinity Stones and times they’ve been used for the uneducated or those who need a refresher.

I guess we’ll see what happens as the story progresses but for now I give Infinity Countdown Prime #1 six infinitely powerful multi-colored rocks out of ten.

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