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Updated: Dec 20, 2019

CGS Cosplay Contest Winner Cat Chen

Post Con Review: Carolina Games Summit

Con Size: 1/5

Overall Rating: 3/5

Carolina Games Summit 2018 has now concluded! Tucked away in Goldsboro, NC, this tiny con is perfect for someone looking to compete in online gaming or trying to score an amazing photoshoot. This is a two day con with a small costume contest on Saturday and their gaming awards ceremony on Sunday.

Some notable events from the convention are the D&D Slugger concert, a variety of tournaments (most notably a fierce Overwatch competition), the "How to Make It in Film" panel that starred Ghost Hunters' Britt Griffith, and as always the costume contest.

The Variant hosted a white backdrop photobooth in the Paramount Theater which was well received by cosplayers.

Although many attendees seemed to keep getting lost because the convention was split between three separate buildings, the convention staff handled this confusion as well as possible. A shuttle van was also available to cart attendees between the three locations.

A bonus to their spread-out venue is that it covers a lot of downtown Goldsboro, providing good access to plenty of food locations. Our friends went to eat at Torero’s and felt it was well worth it. Hopefully more cosplayers will attend the costume contest next year as actual cash prizes were available for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. I know for sure I will be returning to this event next year, both for the wonderful gaming opportunities, and the beautiful photoshoot locations hidden throughout the area.

The Fan Dames repping 5 Hour Energy
The Dungeons & Dragons room!

Check out all of the Carolina Games Summit pictures HERE and the photobooth pics HERE!!

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