PRESS RELEASE: Team DoubleTap Finds Footing in the Pro Esports Scene

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Way Stark, under gamer tags such as Waywatcher and Zibba, is arguably the biggest pioneer of professional gaming. Starting his career all the way in 2006 as a world of Warcraft raidleader, he began streaming through his college campus's website. From humble beginnings, Stark grew to a consistent viewership of 160,000 while moving to Own3DTV.

On top of being one of the first major streamers, Stark lead his guild in a number of top tier raids, became one of the first sponsored gamers to lead a team into the early days of streaming. Since his college years, Way has also played at a high level in Riot's League of Legends, Blizzard's Hearthstone, and currently PUBG.

Way Stark has not only mastered many esports on his own, he has also coached via strategy guides, one on one coaching sessions and new deck reviews, articles and creation for Hearthstone.

Aiming to bring professional esports mainstream, Waywatcher had a hand in creating the east coast’s collegiate scene. Pitching the groundbreaking idea to add esports to the sporting roster at several universities, Stark was able to coach students in person, hold tournaments and build a relationship with many High School Esports Leagues.

Now with over a decade of experience under his belt, Way Stark takes the next steps in the professional scene as owner and founder of Team DoubleTap. Partnered with major esports investor, Stephen Crystal, Stark aims to create a new breed of professional gamer.

Team Double Tap is aiming high for their first year of growth. Currently they are scouting rosters in other games, their sights heavily on the new Dragonball FighterZ game.

“I think the new DBZ fighting game is going to be a strong contender for the next fighting game in esports. I like to try and stay ahead of the curve a bit and seeing how the game is being built and how it is going to be accepted into the community makes me excited to find a player or two to bring on into our organization.”


To check out the rest of Team DoubleTap’s rosters go look at their website HERE or use a link below to follow them on social media and become part of the rising community.

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