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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Personally I like smaller conventions. I like the feeling of seeing something different you might not see at a larger con because generally larger cons have the same vendors show up at every show or the guests are bigger names that may not be interested in doing smaller shows. Smaller cons have a local more personal feel to them.

Wake Forest –mini- ComicCon is no exception. When I went to their first show earlier this year there was a great crowd. The venue was the upstairs ballroom at the Cotton Company in downtown Wake Forest and the con is the brain-child of Brandon Wright who owns Play4Life Comics in the downstairs area of said venue. There were a bunch of great comic vendors there a few of which I had never met or seen before at other local shows. They were selling their collections and a few of them had never done a convention before. WFMCC’s sophomore outing was about the same but added a larger cosplay contest with $200 in prizes as well as more artists and writers.

The cosplay contest had a good crowd and a decent amount of contestants. The Mayor of Wake Forest, Vivian Jones along with local cosplayers Shawn Cameron and Madi Raper, were the judges and they had three different categories for children, adults and group cosplayers. The crowd was excited and the cosplayers were great which always makes for a good contest.

Dork Side Productions, Catseye Comics, Witchzilla and a few other artists and writers were in attendance selling their wares, or drawing commission sketches. They even had the American Wildlife Refuge on hand with two live owls which were definitely attention-getters from pretty much everyone who attended. Local movie vehicle aficionado Bumblebee NC was also on hand with his Jurassic Park jeep parked outside for attendees to check out.

I had actually stopped by the night before the con to check out the venue. When I got to downtown Wake Forest the entire street was blocked off and literally everyone in the town was on hand for their monthly Fridays on White Street event that they hold during the summer months. While the convention had cosplayers out promoting for the con at this event I feel that if anything having everyone out in downtown the night before possibly hurt attendance. I would love to see this convention coordinate with the town during another one of their White Street events if possible. Timing is everything and if the entire town (along with live music and food vendors) is already right outside the con, then why not?

There was a decently large crowd throughout the day though and the vendors seemed to be doing well. I can see this con outgrowing its venue fairly quickly if not even by its next show. They have a good mix of writers, artists, cosplayers and comics dealers on the planning committee so every avenue of what makes a good convention is covered. I would definitely recommend checking this convention out at its next show in the spring.


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