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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

From the second I picked up Immortal #1, the cover alone screamed the 90’s. The art style of Owen Gieni reminded me of so many 90’s artists and you can definitely tell where his influences came from. J. Scott Campbell, Michael Turner, Rob Liefeld and a few others immediately come to mind when you see the cover art and the inside pencils. Upon reading the story written by Rob Potchak, I knew I wasn’t wrong as the story takes place squarely in 1997 which makes this creative team a good fit.

The premise of Immortal is that there are immortal gods living all over the world and any time a “natural disaster” or some world changing event happens it’s usually due to a fight between them. The lead character Elisa Landis is one of these gods and she’s on the hunt for the hammer of Thor. That part of the story gets interrupted however as the library where she works gets attacked, she gets a little help from another immortal named Tagger and of course, chaos ensues.

I won’t spoil anything here but it’s a pretty good read and an interesting concept. Potchak definitely has a feel for the 90’s with the lingo and a bunch of references from the time period, a few of which made me laugh out loud.

I met Rob when he did a store signing for my local comic book shop Ultimate Comics, (which also has a full page ad in the book and an exclusive cover) and then again at the grand opening of another local shop, Arkham Comix (another full page ad). At first I thought Immortal had been self-published but then noticed the Keenspot logo on the covers. While I wasn't immediately familiar with Keenspot, (**though looking at their website after writing this I should have been) I’m definitely throwing kudos at them for a nice clean looking book. Kudos also have to go to Rob for finding local businesses in the area to not only advertise in this book but help him promote it. In a comics world where Marvel, DC and Image rule with an iron fist, (no pun intended) getting a book published and into stores is by no means an easy feat. Upon looking inside the back and seeing that this book also has an Ethan Van Sciver drawn San Diego Comicon exclusive cover tells me that this creative team means business and is definitely shooting for the stars.

I believe books like Immortal, smaller publishing houses like Keenspot and self-published indie titles are a huge benefit to the comics industry. They show unknown artists and writers that there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. They allow people to tell their stories. They bring self-creativity to the fore-front and most importantly they show other aspiring creators that in comics anything is possible.

If you don’t see Immortal in your local comic shop, ask them to order it and if you do see it definitely pick up a copy.

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