Used to be Dead... but it's over now...

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

So I’ve been reading Amazing Spider-Man for a while now. On and off most of my life really, but since right before the Superior Spider-Man arc kicked in I became a steady reader. After last summer's Secret Wars event something felt off.

Spider-Man / Peter Parker became successful. He had started a multi-billion dollar company. He was jet-setting around the world like Tony Stark. During Superior Spider-Man, when most of the ground work was laid for this, it was OK because it wasn’t Peter Parker, It was Doc Ock. After Superior and Secret Wars it all felt wrong. The new Spider-Man event Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy seems to be (and hopefully will be) taking the status quo and turning it on its ear or, in this case, back to the original, original Spider-Man status quo…


I know what you’re thinking, there’s that word: Clone. Of all of the most hated storylines in Spider-Man lore, the Clone Saga more than likely takes the cake. It was confusing, added a bunch of unnecessary characters to the Spidey mythos and was more or less attributed to the 90’s age of comics. While the c-word is in the title, they’re very careful to make sure everyone reading knows that these are no clones. Whether that’s true or not adds to the build-up and the eventual payoff will be seen in a few months.

Without dropping any spoilers, this book was a great read. It’s written and drawn by the standard Spidey team of Dan Slott and Jim Cheung so it has the feel of any other issue of Amazing Spider-Man but since it’s the start of an event they dropped all kinds of cool reveals. The book starts on a dark note and then ends on what I believe to be an even darker one. The back-up story is also great as it picks up right after an extremely pivotal moment in Spidey history. I loved how they handled it and it really made this book pop.

Dan Slott definitely has something up his sleeve with quite a few shock moments in this book. For me the feeling of dread for what comes next is what made this book cool and is exactly the setup I’m waiting for. I don’t want to see a book about Peter STARK-er, I want Peter Parker back.

Parker is supposed to be the underdog. He’s supposed to be trying to struggle with juggling a crap job and being a guy with the huge responsibility of being a super hero on his shoulders. Having an entire corporation and the lives and well-being of thousands of employees and their families piled on top of that for someone like Pete it only seems like an eventuality before it becomes too much for him. Unfortunately with that comes the loss of everything he holds dear and his amazing little corporate world crashing down around his ears. I don’t know if that will be the actual case, but here’s to hoping.

Sorry Pete!

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