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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I was standing in my local comic book shop last night talking to the owner who is a buddy of mine, and right before we got accosted by a street-line painter selling keychains I told him that I missed the Bronze Age of Comics. I was looking at a Michael Golden print (or original idk) on the wall and all the costumes from that era of comics screamed my entire childhood. The thought balloons, the little notes on the bottom of each page from the editors plugging other books, the schlocky world-threatening characters that disappeared as quickly as they showed up.

So when I picked up this week’s Deadpool: Back in Black I was more than pleasantly surprised. It was ALL there. The story takes place in the 80’s and I mean who doesn’t love the 80’s?? It was the age of excess where Jean Grey’s college roommate was Misty Knight (yes that’s true), where Dazzler was on top of the pop charts, when Deadpool was teamed up with Machine Man…

Wait what?

Well at least in the mind of Deadpool scribe extraordinaire Cullen Bunn he is. For those that don’t know, let me explain. So Cullen Bunn loves retconning Deadpool into alternate universes, past back issues, previous events in the 616 Marvel Universe and anything and everything he can think of. Having Deadpool show up in last summer’s Marvel Secret Wars crossover in Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars was a stroke of brilliance. He ties that directly into Back in Black by the way.

I don’t know if all these different tellings of past history with Deadpool is its own universe or not, but they’re all a fun read and at some point Mr. Bunn should definitely look into getting a certain Variant staff member (coughcoughcoughDeadpoolicorn) into his sights (Cull-Baby! Have your people call my people!!).

Shameless plugs aside this was a great book. He manages to not only retcon (is it even called retconning if he’s adding someone to something previously? Add-conning? Deadpooliconning? <<patent pending on this word) Deadpool into the 80’s but he throws Killer Thrill from his current run on Drax into the mix. He then pulls Dansen Macabre, a dead Moon Knight villain from the 80’s, out of God knows where and with the Machine Man team-up seals the deal for me.

The 80’s style retro splash page and the editor’s notes (did I mention those? I see you Heather Antos and Jordan White!!) are great and at first I was thinking I would have to go check the validity of the notes plugging other comics from that era until I saw the one for Uncanny X-Men 192 which I knew was correct. You guys did your homework! The art by Salva Espin is great and if anything the only missing piece for me was the un-glossy paper pages from the 80’s and cheesy ads. I mean there were ads, but not the cheesy ones from the 80’s of the Joe Weider gym or OJ Simpson selling sneakers. It might be fun to incorporate the new vendors into old style ads. I have a couple of suggestions I added at the bottom.

Anyway buy this comic! It’s pretty friggin cool.

*too soon?

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