A Woman to Die For...

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

There’s nothing more disconcerting than watching a 50’s housewife cave in the side of an elderly woman’s head with the back of a claw hammer while she sits on the toilet right after hosting a Tupperware party.

There I said it.

In this week’s edition of the latest comic reviews ever, I reintroduce my love for all things Joelle Jones with her second volume run on Dark Horse’s Lady Killer.

Volume 2 issue 1 picks up pretty much where we left off after the first mini-series. Josie Schuller and her family are living in Cocoa Beach far from the life she left behind, but obviously not too far as she’s gone into "business" for herself. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Josie is an assasin for hire. In the previous mini she worked for a shadowy government agency. Now, striking out on her own, the days of calling in for a clean-up crew after a hit are gone and we find her putting in the extra elbow grease of having to clean up her “messes” herself which get quite comical.

This book as with the first series is such a guilty pleasure for me. The artwork by Joelle Jones perfectly captures the era as well as any artist can. I think back to Satellite Sam by Howard Chaykin and Matt Fraction as another book that does this perfectly. The difference here being this story (also by Ms. Jones) flows so much better when you don’t have to worry about a huge cast, or intricate angsty plots and sub-plots upon sub-plots. No disrespect to Fraction in the least but this is just a beautifully drawn and written book about a woman doing what she does best in a cacophony of killing equal to any gritty Eli Roth style horror movie. I am absolutely in love with Josie and seeing her covered in blood spatter or disposing of a body while trying to be the prim and proper housewife leaves me laughing while cringing every single time.

That being said Dark Horse can we PLEASE get an on-going series of this book along with a cable channel show ala Outcast? If you haven’t already you should run out to your local comic book store right now and pick up the trade of Volume 1 and the new monthly mini-series of Lady Killer. It absolutely Kills.

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