Oh the Hu-Manatee...

All bad animal puns aside, this year I’ve been doing my damndest to not start reading new titles. I keep failing miserably especially when some of my favorite artists and writers keep dropping such stellar books. This week I finally caught up on my reading and in my stack was Animosity by Marguerite Bennett and Rafael DeLatorre. Let me step back a minute. When I went to pick up my books last week I had forgotten to add this book to my pull list but the wonderfully intelligent Marta at Ultimate Comics knew this was one I had been interested in and threw it in my box. I can’t thank her enough.

For those not familiar with Ms. Bennett, she wrote most of the Angela books over at Marvel as well as a great adaptation of the Max Ride series. She’s been writing the DC Bombshells series as well as Dynamite’s Red Sonja and also has her creator owned series InSexts over at upstart Aftershock Comics.

If you do follow Marguerite’s writing you’ll know she puts on a gloriously pretty smile while smacking you in the back of the head with a spiked bat. Animosity is no exception. The story is this: All the animals in the world suddenly become sentient and decide to take over. The book is opened with a horrific encounter at a veterinarian’s office and then followed right up by a page full of animal facts that I seriously was impressed by. That page alone completely legitimized the premise of the book and I can completely see this happening in lieu of a zombie apocalypse.

The cover art by Rafael DeLatorre is beautiful and reminds me of the old Don Bluth animated films. The work he does inside is just as good and while only 20 pages tells this part of the story perfectly. The ending was a good stopping point even though I was greedy and wanted it to keep going.

As far as Marguerite Bennett’s writing goes this is by far my favorite of her work. Her standard Victorian / Classical era characters and style is not needed here and she shows that she can not only write a modern age story but make it as dark and gritty as possible, completely living up to her Twitter handle, @EvilMarguerite. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this series brings and would love to see more horror stories from her.

DEFINITELY go pick this book up.

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