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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

HeroesCon is a comics-centric convention held annually at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC. It is notoriously family-friendly, welcoming comic book fans of all ages, providing activities suited for the whole family. This convention always boasts a guest list of reputable individuals and teams who are a key part of making this event so enjoyable. There are always familiar faces such as writers Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick we look forward to revisiting each year. This particular convention spans three days, Friday through Sunday. The convention center is conveniently located within walking distance of several hotels, local restaurants, and the popular nightlife hotspot, the Epicenter. My experience at Heroes has always been excellent, as there is never a shortage of things to do or people to see. The convention staff were very helpful and polite, the accessibility to the convention floor was excellent (except when that one escalator broke down), and there were two ATMs in the lobby (unfortunately, one gave out on the last day).

This was my third time attending HeroesCon and their 2011 show was my first Con ever. However,

it was my first time attending all three days of the con, and I must admit there are many advantages. As someone who struggles with anxiety when faced with large crowds of people, starting on the admittedly “lighter” Friday was like climbing down the stairs in the shallow end of the pool and walking slowly toward the deeper end (Saturday). Attending on Friday gives you the chance to casually meander through the aisles, getting a good look at who has the best comics, prints, and collectibles, getting your collection signed by the creators before the big crowd overtakes them on Saturday, and more specifically getting to have great conversations with those creators. The creators are generally very pleasant, patient, and approachable individuals who are willing to discuss their work with you, and, on occasion, some words of advice and encouragement for those looking to break into the comics business.

Saturday is the biggest day of the Con. The crowds are larger, the lines are longer, and the cosplayers are out in full force. The giant cosplay group photo was taken around noon, and I must say, seeing that many people in costume all crowded together was really super cool!!! During the cosplay photo, the floor was a emptied out, creating a slight lull in the lines and vendor crowds, which allowed me time for a quick sweep of the entire convention. This is the day I would normally attend panels, but there were few that piqued my interest this year--a peculiarity for my Heroes experience. This was my first comic book convention that I cosplayed for, and my fellow con-goers were very positive and friendly.

Sunday, like Friday was a bit lighter crowd-wise, and the dollar comic sales by comic vendors

seeking to take a lighter load home with them were finally posted. Sunday was also the day of the cosplay contest--which honestly didn’t make much sense to me, as many people use Sunday for travel so as to return to their non-con lives on Monday.

Overall, and as usual, my Heroes Con experience was a fantastic one. I met some interesting people, filled some holes in my Iron Man collection, got some autographs, got some photos, cosplayed, and generally geeked out. I highly recommend attending this convention to con-goers who are both new to the convention scene and well-seasoned con-crawlers.

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