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Arkham's Rebirth

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Reboots are tricky. You can't really do them without upsetting some part of your fanbase. The New 52 reboot 3 years ago definitely alienated and divided a lot of DC readers, and now only 3 years later, Rebirth seems to be just as divisive. Regardless of what side of the spectrum you fall on, your local comic book provider probably made a pretty big deal out of Rebirth, and it was no different from Rocky Mount's Arkham Comix.

This midnight release brought out patrons of all ages, and some young fans were particularly interested in Tori Gowland's (Carpe Diem Cosplay) Wonder Woman cosplay and store owner Tiffany Young's Raven. Arkham provided customers with cookie cake as well, and Alexander Harrington of Alex Nos photography had his camera handy, taking shots that put my work featured here to shame.

The night began a bit slowly, however, the closer the clock got to midnight, the more the store filled until the line was at the door! If you come from a large city, this may not sound like a big deal, but for this area that's fantastic! If you grew up in one of North Carolina's more central locations such as Raleigh, or Chapel Hill, you've probably had access to a local comic book shop, but in this area Arkham is a godsend. In less than a year, Arkham has built a reliable reputation among its customers and provided many small-town geeks with something they never thought they'd have.

Arkham has a large selection of comic books, action figures, and statues that are fairly priced, and they carry everything from affordable Marvel Legends, right on up to high end products such as Side Show Collectibles for you big spenders. Bill and Tiffany have taken great care to treat their customers right, and their periodic events bring new life to Rocky Mount in ways only a comic book store can. This midnight release was small-scale in comparison to their day time events such as Free Comic Book Day, and even their grand opening, both of which brought out massive crowds. I'm proud to support Arkham Comix as my local comic book provider, and if you live in or find yourself visiting Rocky Mount, drop in, tell Bill or Tiffany that The Variant sent you! You won't be disappointed in their selection, and certainly not in their service.

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