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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Matt Conner has compiled some of the coolest costume creations from Marvel's weekly output! Let's see what caught his eye this week!

Moon Girl, from Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #7

Marvel hasn't had a ton of diversity in its characters, historically, so it's a relief to find a Black woman with a costume anyone could put together. Lunella "Moon Girl" Lafayette is a child who threw together her costume, so don't worry about making this one look fancy. Find a foam headguard at a used sporting goods store, and pick up a pair of roller skates and red boxing gloves while you're there. She's got a blue leotard base, yellow shorts, a T-shirt, a utility belt, a yellow backpack, and sunglasses. If you can't get all of the pieces, don't worry about it - just say you're a work in progress, because Lunella wouldn't care if people didn't recognize how awesome she is. But I think the parts that would make this look recognizable at a Con would be the roller skates, shorts, headgear, and hairdo, so do try to get those down. As a bonus, the backpack is going to make you the cosplayer who doesn't need a friend to hold her wallet!

Drax and Cammi, from Drax #7

After Guardians Of The Galaxy, lots of couples came to the Cons as Star-Lord and Gamora. One part of the couple had to spend hours in makeup, and the other got to throw on a leather jacket and a face mask. This year, why not flip the script and go as Cammi and Drax? For Drax, the man would prepare a typical Hulk costume (body paint or a padded shirt, based on your comfort level with your body), add weight-lifting gloves from a used sporting goods store, and paint the red swirls across the shoulders. For Cammi, a tight leather jacket, ray gun prop, and short hairdo would get the point across, but bonus points would go for someone who wants to spring for matching gloves (think cheap costume cloth gloves as an alternative to finding dyed leather) and putting together light PVC pipe to make the necklace.

Sharon Carter, from Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

At the last Con I went to, a mom attending a cosplay panel asked about trying to dress up as a young character. And my answer was that these are fictional characters who don't have ages, so wear what you want! But it would be nice for moms like her to have characters they already feel like they could pull off without feeling self-conscious, so I'd like to offer up Sharon Carter. Her costume is a straightforward white jumpsuit with boots and a belt, but pair her up with a Captain America and everyone will know who you are. More power to Marvel for age diversity this week.

Red Skull, from Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

My go-to cosplay is Daredevil in his red courtroom suit, so I am a sucker for dapper reinterpretations of good characters. Putting Red Skull in his "recruitment style" means that you can use a thrift store brown suit, and as a bonus, you don't have to go through the morally awkward task of finding swastikas for your costume! Add white cotton costume gloves and spend most of your time working on painting your face and learning to use a bald cap.

Jack Flag and Free Spirit, from Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

People who were reading Captain America in the days when he was dying and had to wear an Iron Man suit will fondly remember his two sidekicks of that era, returning to the fray this week and looking better than ever. The best part about this couple is that they were ordinary kids who made costumes out of whatever they had. Free Spirit modified her aerobics leotard, so you could get the main points of the character with almost any red, white, and blue bodysuits you want to Frankenstein together as long as you keep the red gloves and blue half-mask. For Jack Flag, take that red bandanna you used for Grifter last year, throw a blue tee over a white long-sleeve Under Armour top, add red costume gloves, and carry a boom box. You may think the boom box is optional. No one else will. That boom box was amazing. If any couple manages to put this look together, find me at the Con and I will hug you both SO HARD (Umm, if you want that, cosplay is not consent!).

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