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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

So, as some of you know I’m always a week or three behind on my comics. This being said if I miss an issue of any given title those go in a stack for me to read after I find the missing issue. When I picked up Boom Comics' Welcome Back #1 by Chris Sebela and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer I read it quickly but for some reason the story and what was going on just didn’t click in my brain. I was maybe tired or just not paying attention so I dropped it in my missing issues pile to re-read it again at some point. After I picked up issue 6 last week I decided I desperately needed to play catch-up and started back at #1. I’m glad I did because this book had me glued to the pages and picking up each issue the second I put down the last one.

The concept is simple. Two warriors have been fighting and killing each other for generations and then coming back in different times and lives to do it all over again. Whoever gets killed dies and whoever does the killing commits suicide right afterwards. The warriors are a part of a war that’s been going on for eons to the point where no one even remotely knows why they’re fighting it anymore. This generation Maizie and her nemesis Tessa are destined to do battle but Maizie didn’t remember who she was and actually got to live most of her life not knowing she was this soldier in a war she never asked for.

After the first two issues the art duties were taken over by Claire Roe who does a great job picking up after Sawyer. The artwork is great and while the two styles are a little different it took me a few issues to even realize Roe had taken over because I was so enamored by the story. The action and the on-the-run feel is depicted perfectly and barely stops to let you catch your breath.

As a fan of Sebela’s High Crimes as well as Escape From New York, he seems to be a master of the inner monologue and it’s something you don’t see in a lot of the big two books and something I wish more writers would use. It definitely works for this book and each character has their own color-coded narration box which makes it easier to follow than other books that use narration but don’t differentiate which character is speaking at any given time. With the huge sea of indie titles that have dropped this year, in a lot of books I’m finding it harder and harder to give a shit about the individual characters or even remembering their names from month to month at times. With Welcome Back I found the character development spot-on and I actually remembered the names (Go Me!). Granted I read 6 issues in a row but even after issue 1 I had a good working knowledge of what was going on and who was who.

Sebela’s Escape from New York is sadly ending soon and Welcome Back is just an 8 issue series but I’m definitely a fan of this book and its writer and can’t wait to see what he does next. Go find this book or wait for the trade and by all that is holy go find and read High Crimes. DO IT!

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