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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Happy New Year Moose-tians!

Wow, here we are in 2016 and the year already looks promising for comic readers. To start off the year we are looking at the Image published book Paper Girls written by Brian K. Vaughan and art by Cliff Chiang.

I am now three issues into this book that came out in October 2015 and as I usually wait for the trade, this book drew me into reading every issue. Before we get into the story though, I wanted to dive into the reason I picked up this book in the first place.

Cliff Chiang.

If you know me you know that I’m an art snob and feel that no matter who is the writing the comic book, it’s the art that needs to shine through. Cliff Chiang did that for me with Wonder Woman. I read, collected and truly connected with Wonder Woman because of his interpretation. If you read or listen to novels, you do so without any illustration and the story is fueled by our imaginations. As such, I have a strong opinion that characters should look like how I see them in my head. I saw Wonder Woman the way that Mr. Chiang depicted her. Cliff Chiang did that for me in Wonder Woman and continues to with Paper Girls, therefore expanding my appreciation of him further with this story.

I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Chiang at NC Comicon 2015 and HE WAS AWESOME. As I Fan-Moosed out and unloaded a ton of compliments he just modestly thanked me and went back to work on a sketch. When you witness the art in Paper Girls, you get what he gives you; Perfection. Plain, simple and humble. Characters are drawn with and without flaws. You don’t need to tax your imagination because the art is that great.

I probably don’t have to say that Brian K. Vaughan never fails to impress with the majority of what he puts out. I tried to see if I could remember any book of his that I didn’t like and I just couldn’t. Right now I am re-reading Saga Vol. 1 for my book club, and now doing a review of Paper Girls. Some would say that I’d be having a Vaughan overload, but I say bring it on! This book hits where you want it to hit; Girl Power, science fiction and just enough mystery to top it off. It’s kind of like War of the Worlds meets Blossom.

From the very first issue, I was hooked into the lives and actions of these characters, their quest, and how it's all going to play out. These are key elements that are essential to any reader. Vaughan and Chiang DO NOT disappoint. Pick up your copy today at your local comic shop!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Moose.

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