What was the SECRET??? ~minor spoilers~

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

After an entire summer of crossovers and an eight issue series that almost immediately after launch became upgraded to a nine issue series, Marvel’s Secret Wars have come to a close. I guess the knock-down drag-out ending I’ve been waiting for feels like it fizzled out somewhere around issue 5 or so.

Through the entire series there were a few “shocks” thrown in but now with the ending fully realized they almost seem un-needed. I even waited until I had issue 9 in hand and read before I would start reading all of the All-New All-Different Marvel titles which promised just that, something All-New and All Different. Instead we’ve gotten more of the same in an almost DC Convergence like move. Marvel seems to have succeeded in doing exactly one thing with Secret Wars: uniting all of the Marvel multi-verse into one giant crossover universe. Also they effectively took the Fantastic Four out of the picture opting to end with the Richards family playing the part of creators of the universe.

Also the X-men who were all but an afterthought in this crossover and now have three different titles and a wolverine (X-23) book are nowhere to be found at the end-all be-all of the series and Jonathan Hickman opts to literally use Black Panther, Namor and Reed Richards as the last standing heroes and winners of the Secret Wars. In fact of everyone in the book, Owen Reece, The Molecule Man comes off as the only one who really knew what was going on and what he was doing. Not that any of those other three heroes are less than spectacular characters it’s just that the ending seemed completely phoned in and there just didn’t, to this reader, have that “end of the known universe or bust”, “all or nothing” feel like a final battle of that magnitude should have.

I guess all I can really say is that I’m disappointed. I’m about to immediately start on the huge stack of All-New All-Different books that I’ve been saving up to read since mid-October and I’m honestly hoping beyond hope that I get more answers and more emotion than the bad ones Secret Wars number nine gave me or else my Marvel pull list is going to get significantly smaller this new comic book Wednesday.

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