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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Hey, Comic Crusaders!

Moose here and do I have a story for you!

Image Comics issued a #1 that has found a home within my soul by giving me an original story with substance. I’m talking about “Huck” written by Mark Millar and art by Rafael Albuquerque.

Image does it again and delivers a brilliant book about a man named Huck and his need to do good deeds. Starting off I would have to say that I was not 100% sure about this book, but Millar and Albuquerque pull off an amazing story and leave you with the need to pick up the next issue immediately. Now for all who know me, I am the sort of person that would read a new series and if it’s good enough, wait for the trade. I swear to you now, that I want and NEED to get the next issue TODAY!

It’s just that good!

Not even taking into account that Millar and Albuquerque are supreme creators, I believe in the design of this comic down to every scene and character detail. The art by Albuquerque is beautiful and the panels come off soft and warm. Huck is portrayed as a large corn-fed blonde man with a natural compassionate look on his face. I am thrilled that we get to see the amazing pencil work from Albuquerque and paired with the color work of Dave McCaig, it comes to life. Combined with the talented words of Millar, this story leaps off the pages and creates a wondrous world around you.

Who doesn’t love a story about someone who was given amazing powers and then used them the “right way”? That being said, you’re probably asking yourself; what would be considered the “right way”? Every comic book nerd has been down that road of thinking “if I really had powers, what would I do”? Come on…. You know you would be tempted to punch the bully who picked on you in the 3rd grade for loving comics or just to see how easy it would be to control any situation “because you could and no one could stop you” right?

No matter if you would use your gifts for “good” or “bad”, this book really digs deep into the possible outcome of someone with powers being exposed. Would you see them as a beacon of hope for the world that always shows negative images through the media? Would you see our hero Huck doing good-deeds and think to yourself “what can I do as well?” Huck without a doubt is a great “What if?” story, with a mystery added in to continue the story flow.

Huck #1 & 2 are out now and I suggest you pick them up and #3 on January 13th. In fact just have your local comic shop add it to your sub list, it’s that damn good. Thank you once again Mr. Millar

for giving the world a great story and to Mr. Albuquerque and Mr. McCaig for making it come alive.

Till next week!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Moose.

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