The Daredevil #1 - Review

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

After the events of Secret Wars the All-New All-Different Marvel launches Daredevil #1, Written by Charles Soule and art by Ron Garney. Marvel strong and fan favorite Soule, does it again with another fantastic read. I strongly believe that strong writing and solid art should go hand and hand to contribute the reader’s boundless experience when diving into a new number one. Not surprising that both Soule and Garney pull this off in Daredevil #1. Ron Garney, being another strong Marvel contributor, shines with his art in this book. Going on the fact that a Daredevil book should feel like a dark and mysterious setting, Garney uses great technique with limited tones and shadowing thoughout the panel work to give the reader just that impression.

Opening the book you get a great splash page of Matt Murdock driving down off a bridge to save a needing soul from death in the waters of the Manhattan Bridge. During the course of the book, you are given a durable story (for being a first issue in this series) and ending with a necessity to purchase the next issues in order to see what happens to the “Man without fear”. I am not one to give spoilers, but if you have read the point one issue of the All-New, All-Different, you get to meet Matt’s new partner Sam Chung, also known as “Blindspot”. An illegal Chinese immigrant who lives with New York and develops a suit that allowed him to become completely invisible for the naked eye. Now taking on crime with Hell’s Kitchen's own guardian, these two pose a threat to the local Chinese crime lord.

I know that any fan of Daredevil is going to love these book. The #2 of the series come out the 23rd, I suggest that you run down to your locate shop and pick up your copy today.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Moose.

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