There and Back: A Pretty Deadly Review

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

In past reviews and blogs I've mentioned my high regard for the writings of Ms. Kelly Sue DeConnick. She more or less brought me to the indie comics table with Pretty Deadly, and almost 2 years later here I still am with way more new titles a month than I know what to do with and stacks of new books weeks old that I have yet to read. This week I made an exception to my reading pile rule. Generally I start with any G.I. Joe & Transformers comics, then any DC titles in my pile followed by indie comics in no particular order, then Star Wars books, Marvel, and last but not least Marvel X-Books. Why is this relevant? It isn’t, on with the review.

This week after a year and a half hiatus we find ourselves back with issue #6 of Pretty Deadly. Years have passed since the ending of issue 5 and we find ourselves back in the old west. Sarah is old and dying and her granddaughter Clara is there to greet Death when he comes for her. We also flash over to a World War I story where we find the little boy from the first arc who is now grown and a soldier.

So I've decided that I'm gonna go off my usual form here and not gush over Kelly Sue's words and prose poetry storytelling. It's there, it's gorgeous, I love it, but Emma Rios and her brand of translating the beautiful words into stunning and epic images that are haunting eye candy for the imagination has truly taken the reigns here. Jordie Bellaire's colors compliment Emma's style and the tone of the story perfectly.

A year and a half of waiting was well worth it. Both story and art delivered in spades. I can't wait to see where they take this arc. I literally and intentionally kept myself from seeing any and all previews of this book dropped online or in the Milkfed Newsletter for just this purpose. To sit here and tell you all that this is "a great book" would be a disservice to it, as now that it's finally in my hands it has seamlessly brought everything I loved about the first five issues back to the table and is the continuation of what I can only call a masterpiece.

Kudos to Kelly Sue, Emma, and the rest of the Pretty Deadly team.

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