NC Comicon Spotlight!

The Science of Tamara Robertson!

The Variant has had a relationship with NC Comicon in one form or another for the past few years. We've done media for them, had a Guest Cosplayer booth at their show and a photo booth at their Oak City show. 


This year was the first year we did a photo booth at their flagship Bull City show in downtown Durham, NC and let me tell you it was probably one of the most successful, fun and outstanding conventions we've set up at. 

Last year we had the distinct pleasure of meeting Tamara Robertson, one of the stars of the critically acclaimed Mythbusters: The Search series as well as SciJinks over on The Science Channel. She was appearing at NC Comicon and did a few wildly popular "The Science of Superheros" panels.


She was two tables down from us and was cosplaying as DC's Starfire from Teen Titans. We asked if she would like any photography of her cosplays and she was excited to oblige. GQC Media and Josh Thompson Photography both did a stellar job of capturing her Starfire and also her Marvel's Wasp cosplays. Josh's pictures of Tamara's Wasp cosplay are prominently featured on both our convention banner and on this year's NC Comicon Guest Trading Cards. 

This year she reprised those panels and did a few featuring the science of Venom, Aquaman and other comics characters. We reached out to her and she was more than happy to meet up with staff photographer Vic of Greenfield Photography during her insanely busy schedule for a photo shoot of her Carrie Kelley Robin cosplay from DC & Frank Miller's now iconic "The Dark Knight Returns" books.

Also, WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?? Go Check out the pics!!!!

Meet Tamara Robertson
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Check out the photos!

Photos by Greenfield Photography

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