August Cosplay Spotlight

Marvel vs. DC Beach Volleyball!

August Spotlight 
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We're spotlighting talent in the cosplay community! Every month, The Variant will showcase a different cosplayer displaying talent, creativity, and a positive voice for the community!

Here's a question we've been asking ourselves for years:

What do your favorite Marvel and DC heroes and villains do when it gets too hot in the big city?

They go to the beach!!!

The Variant team as well as our good friends at Diva & Death and Joey Render Industries trekked down to Kure Beach, NC and got 10 AMAZING cosplayers to come along where we had a good old fashioned beach party and volleyball game.

It was Marvel vs. DC and we still don't know who won the game but all of you reading this are the real winners as you get to check out some stupendous beach-going superhero cosplays!

Here's the starting line-up for team Marvel:

Adachi Trieu as Psylocke

Amber Lynn as Gwen Stacy

Christopher Cully as Spider-Man

Katinka Cosplay as Black Cat

Linehult Cosplay as Deadpool

And the opposing team from DC:

Ambyrvescent Cosplay as Starfire

Crystal Santoro as Zatanna

BlackKarma Cosplay as Harley Quinn

Miss Faye as Bombshell Mera

DJ Jones as Aquaman

With over 1000 photos, and 10 cosplayers, we had a helluva time narrowing down the best of the best pictures but with these cosplayers ALL the pictures were the best!

What are you doing here still reading this??? GO CHECK OUT THE PICS!!!



RJ Marchese

Joey Render Industries

Diva & Death

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