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Ethereal Warroir

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We're spotlighting talent in the cosplay community! Every month, The Variant will showcase a different cosplayer displaying talent, creativity, and a positive voice for the community!

This month we decided to do something a little different. We held an essay contest on Facebook highlighting "What Cosplay Means to Me". We got a bunch of great entries but one stood out. Here is the winning essay from that contest by Lauren of Ethereal Harmony Cosplay:

"To start off in a corny yet unexpected way, I would like to say that cosplay means more to me than I ever thought it would. I started cosplaying 3 years ago when I attended my first convention; Animazement in 2014. I didn’t want to feel “left out” at my first convention by not wearing a costume so I chose to cosplay Serah Farron from Final Fantasy XIII. It was an ordered costume: a crappy fit with a mediocre makeup job and a below average wig that somehow passed off for little more than a pink rat’s nest. I had no experience in sewing and no prop-making under my belt but I did have some jewelry making experience so I managed to have two pieces of my own: the bracelet and the hair tie decoration.

So where am I going with this? How is this different from anyone describing their first cosplay which shows how far their journey has come? This is why: the feeling that I got when I put it all on was indescribable. I felt like I had warped out of my normal, stressful life into a world full of acceptance, understanding, and appreciation. I was transported to a world of comfort where I could fully be myself and express my interests which I was bullied and called a nerd for as a child and teen. That world showed (and still shows me) that I don’t have to hide that anymore. That crappy first costume opened a whole new world of possibilities and a whole new me.

From attending that first con, having people ask for my photograph, and seeing all of the incredible artists, costumers, woodworkers, foam experts, and the like all around me, I felt a surge of confidence unlike anything I had felt before. I became motivated, inspired, and dedicated. I wanted to better myself as a cosplayer. I feel as though I have done that in the past three years but something else happened along the way too. I bettered myself along the way. Cosplay introduced me to some of the most amazing people I have ever met. People from all walks of life come together for a similar interest and passion. Talk about true inspiration and strength of human connections!

Cosplay also introduced me to my beloved guild, Unison Raid Cosplay Group, of whom I may have never met if I had not chosen to cosplay Erza Scarlet. Cosplay has also introduced me to new skills that I never knew I had, could have, and really wouldn’t even have if not for the aid and love of fellow cosplayers guiding me and sharing their knowledge. If you had told me three years ago today that I could make a full set of worbla armor, I would have tilted my head confusedly and said I would never be capable of that. And yet here I am: humbled and in awe of the hobby…no, the lifestyle…that has changed my life."

Congratulations to Lauren and go check out her well-deserved prize; being featured as August's Cosplay Spotlight!!!

August Spotlight 

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