April Cosplay Spotlight


Dead Men Don't Wear Red.

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"Spoiler alert - I wasn't always into cosplay.


As a matter of fact, it took my friends a few years of coaxing and weathering an immeasurable amount of my inappropriate humor in response before I ever considered attending a convention, let alone attending in costume.. but that experience is definitely a story for another time.


The name is Johnie, and I've become a cosplayer.


My origin story is pretty standard stuff. Ninjas, giant robots, mutants, and a sprinkle of fantasy. Of course, by all of that I mean that I've pretty much always been a fan of 80's nostalgia properties and comic book characters. 


All of that peer pressure and what not I mentioned earlier? My first convention I went to purely because a friend wanted to go but didn't want to go alone. I went along for the ride not fully understanding all of the hype behind going to conventions, but like getting a tattoo, once you get one.. you're hooked.


When I finally took the dive and put together a costume for the next opportunity I had to attend a con, I tried my hand at something "simple" and put together my own take on everyone's favorite member of the GI Joe franchise's Arashikage ninja clan... Stormshadow.


(Yes, I am wringing my hands like a super villain at the thought of booing from the people who thought I was going to say Snake Eyes)


If there's one thing that working on costuming projects has taught me it's just how little you actually know about a thing until you sit down and try to build it. Through that process I've also discovered that while I have a certain level of appreciation for screen accuracy, I'll gladly sacrifice some degree of that accuracy for real world functionality / aesthetic (IE - additional strapping or detail pieces that, while not 100% screen accurate, make a costume look more realistic and perform more functionally than it's strictly on-screen counterpart)


Cosplay isn't the only place I get to play with character design while building costuming components and accessories though. When I am not at a convention being Deadpool or Red Hood, it's a common occurrence that I've disappeared into the woods to play the part of some elven rogue or another as I'm also an avid larper.


Regardless of where we meet, I'll never turn down the opportunity to share stories or geek out with fellow con-goers so feel free to say hello should our paths cross and smash that follow button on Instagram!"

This month Johnie has brought us two of his best as the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool and the fallen Boy Wonder, Red Hood.

Our feature this month was shot by former Cosplay Spotlight, Aerobyn Cosplay. 

 ...why are you still reading this?? GO CHECK OUT THE PICS!!!!

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