Warrington Gillette Interview!!

Jason Voorhees Goes To Arkham...

Walking into Arkham Comix in Rocky Mount, NC as many times as I have since they opened 3 years ago, I had never seen the store as crowded as I did last Friday night. 

Why you might ask?

Because Jason came to Arkham.

Warrington Gillette who played the iconic counselor killing slasher of Camp Crystal Lake in Friday the 13th Part Two was in the house signing machetes, masks, autographs and taking pictures with hundreds of Rocky Mount's horror fans who were (blood) thirsty to see the man himself.

As usual, Arkham Comix did a great job hosting and a great time was had by all. We got the chance to take some pics and get an interview with Camp Blood's very own Jason Voorhees.

Why are you still reading this??

Go Watch the Video!!!

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