The Variant Smashes All the Things at Hysterics!

Everyone has stress, some more than others. As such we all handle our stress in different ways. In the U.S. alone, 77% of people actually have physical symptoms manifest due to everyday life stress.

This weekend the Variant sent Deadpoolicorn to team-up with Charlie Rocket Cosplay, Luri Nahl's Cosplay and Bubblegum Nightshade to check out Hysterics, a new local business that gives you the chance to relieve your stress in a less than conventional way. Hysterics is a Raleigh based company that gives you the chance to break your stress levels literally by taking out all your anger and aggression on normal everyday household items. They have a trailer full of TV’s, VCR’s, computer monitors, printers, lamps, dishes and anything else you can imagine. They give you a baseball bat, crowbar, table leg, golf clubs, tennis rackets etc. and let you go to town smashing and destroying as much of their equipment and items as you can in 10 minutes or less.

I had the chance to speak with owner and co-founder Latisha Dutch all about this great concept and company.

RJ: Hi Latisha! Thank you for having us! So tell me all about Hysterics.

LD: Hysterics is a mobile stress relief company. We’re basically for anyone and everyone who’s having a bad day.  We present the opportunity to do things that would normally not be acceptable in your home or your work. We provide the environment for you to do these types of things to relieve your frustration and eliminate stress. We have our mobile trailer that can be outfitted into different and custom rooms. We can set it up like an office or just an open space of things. We can create an environment for you  where again, if you’re having a bad day at work, you can come on out and we’ll have an office outfitted for you and you can take a swing at that copier or take a swing at that computer or laptop or whatever you’d like to. You can throw darts at a dartboard or punch a punching bag. Those are just some of the ways we can help you alleviate some of that stress and get it out because we all know how much that stress can have an impact not just on our emotional but our physical health as well.

RJ: So was this idea born of your own day-to-day stress?

LD: Yes. I was driving in my car and literally had a really bad day. It was a day that things weren’t going right at home and weren’t going right at work and I was at the point where I wanted to just smash something or just throw a dish at the wall. And I know how unrealistic that sounds but the thought just kept crossing my mind. I thought how could I create an environment to do this in? So I called a friend and we came up with the concept of having an anger relief center. I knew I was not the only person that went through daily frustrations or has heated moments where you need to release anger in a way that society would normally object to. It literally just took a really bad day to give me the idea.

RJ: Has the local community embraced Hysterics? Like has there been a big influx of business due to the amount of stressful jobs in the Triangle area?

LD: I think we’re still in that discovery phase. It looks extremely good though. Even in the discovery phase we’re getting a lot of interest. A lot of people asking “What is that?”, or “How can we embrace this concept?” There’s definitely some energy there regardless of it still being in the early stages of discovery. One of our biggest goals for the company is to target business and corporations and do some team building and corporate activities. We can come out and provide workshops and seminars  about things like work-life balance, anger management, how to better deal with stress and allow the company or department to come on board, have an experience and then talk about these things over lunch.  Like have everyone kinda de-stress altogether.

RJ: Where do you get your smash-worthy items?

LD: Amazingly enough once the word started circulating that we were out there, people kept giving us stuff. It was one of those things where in the back of our minds we thought we wouldn’t have to really worry about where we would get the stuff. We could go to thrift shops or go dumpster diving but we haven’t had to do any of that yet. People are always giving us free stuff. Like “Hey we’ve got this TV, do you want it?” And we’re like “Sure!” So we have this storage unit full of stuff. But literally people keep giving us stuff and we’re thankful and excited about it. One of the things we make sure we do on our end is that we pay back to the environment and we recycle everything so we’re not adding more waste. We take the appropriate protocols so that everything is being physically repurposed with us and then we take the next step and recycle.

RJ: Are you planning on branching out across the country?

LD: We are in the process of opening a second location in Georgia. The plan is definitely to branch out. Right now the main focus is here in RDU and the Atlanta area. Hopefully we want to get bigger and better at this and we have some other markets that we’ve been talking about behind the scenes that we would definitely like to extend into.

You can contact or book a session at Hysterics in Raleigh now at any of the links below.

Watch the video we made while we were checking them out!!

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