May Cosplay Spotlight

Frankie K Cosplay May!!

We're spotlighting talent in the cosplay community! 

Every month, The Variant showcases different cosplayers who display talent, creativity, and a positive voice for the cosplay community!

Hi (Mario voice) it’sa me! Frankie! From Frankie K Cosplay!

I’m a Greensboro based cosplayer and as a kid, I always enjoyed playing dress up, so it was just natural for me to join the cosplay community. Cosplay means the world to me. It’s perfect because I can combine my passion for art, modeling, and costume designing to create many masterpieces. Sometimes I feel like I eat, sleep, and dream cosplay. My cosplays are all handmade and I take pride in each one of them because of the hard work and dedication they take to complete.

So a little bit about myself, i'm obsessed with Yuri On Ice, i'm goofy (laughing is the cure to everything), i’ll eat just about anything that's put in front of me, and I love animals!!!


I cosplay because I love it and I want to inspire others to fulfill their dreams. I believe no dream is too big or too obscure to achieve, just don’t get lost in the process. Love and know yourself, and don’t lose faith in yourself or others. I promise, if you do those things, you’ll continue to find happiness.
Much love,
Frankie K.


This month the gorgeous Frankie K brings us her best Ororo Munroe better known as the leader of the X-Men, Storm... and you know home much we LOVE us some X-Men!! Her second cosplay is an INSANE mash-up of Bayonetta dressed as Princess Peach from Super Smash Bros.!!

Before we continue, I just wanna say that this was probably our most interesting Spotlight to shoot ever in the history of the The Variant. Some stuff happened during both shoots that was amazing and some that was just... flat-out weird. 

So first we went to the parking deck at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Downtown Durham to shoot Storm and after about 40 minutes got kicked out as they had changed the rules about photography in that area. Then out of nowhere we magically found all kinds of amazing giant robot-like structures and machines to shoot. Those pictures are probably some of our faves and the entire shoot that was almost a calamity became EPIC! 

Next we went to Green Hill Cemetery in Greensboro, NC to shoot Bayonetta/Peach. Tomisina read some words that were carved into... (I kid you not)... a picnic table in the middle of the cemetery. The second she finished reading it my coffee drink flew across the table into my hand. The wind was kind of blowing at the time... but nowhere near the force it would take to move a half full coffee. As we rode around looking for spots in the graveyard, we passed a mausoleum where two girls were laying in a bright red hammock hanging from two trees. When we rolled past a second time, the hammock was zipped up and it just looked like two dead bodies hanging in the hammock. Afterwards we noticed a lot of traffic in this particular cemetery. At some point we figured out that the entire place was a huge Pokemon Go stop and Gym!! Weird. 

Anyway, I'll shut up and give you our awesome May Cosplay Spotlight, the stunning Frankie K Cosplay!!

...why are you still reading this?? GO CHECK OUT THE PICS!!!!

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Frankie K Cosplay

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