February Cosplay Spotlight

Dinah & Diana.

We're spotlighting talent in the cosplay community! 

Every month, The Variant showcases different cosplayers who display talent, creativity, and a positive voice for the cosplay community!

Last month we had the distinct pleasure of accompanying our friends at OSIGame.TV and Pridestark Gaming to PAX South, one of the biggest gaming conventions in the country.

Joining us in Texas was our good friends Charlie Rocket and Cutiepiesensei and far be it from us to pass up an opportunity to shoot either of them... or... both of them!!!

We brought these two AMAZING cosplay goddesses down to the world famous Riverwalk on the San Antonio River and made them give us their best Wonder Woman and Black Canary!!

I can honestly say we didn't edit these pictures very much because both Charlie & Cutiepie lit our cameras up with their spectacular renditions of the Themyscirian Princess and the Siren of Central City!!

...but don't take our word for it, CHECK OUT THE PICS!!!!


We also got interviews!!!! Our good buddy Captain Games T. Kirk sat down with both of these DC Divas and got the 411 on their secret origins and what they've been up to!!!

Why are you still reading this??? CLICK PLAY!!!

Meet the cosplayers!

Charlie Rocket Cosplay

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Cutiepiesensei Cosplay

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Check out the photos!

Photos by RJ

Editing by

Tomisina Portrait Photography

Video by

Chelsea Gryns

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