NSFW Spotlight

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The Deadpool, totally NSFW

(that means NO SEX FOR WANDA...

you know, cause the Vision is DEAD...

oops, Infinity Wars SPOILERS) 

Nothing-to-do with Cosplay Spotlight!!

I know what you're thinking... This is a family site... 



Every month, The Variant showcases different cosplayers who display talent, creativity, and a positive voice for the cosplay community. 

This month your good old buddy, the merc with the mouth, ME, Deadpool, decided to throw all that positivity cosplay garbage out the window and give you all what I know you want. What you REALLY REALLY WANT... ME!! 



I have the entire Variant team tied up in my basement with Blind Al (also nude) watching them (it's funny cause she can't see them) with an AK-47 and instructions to start shooting if she even hears (or smells) a fart out of any of them.

I give them about an 80 / 20 chance that she hits something. 


"Hi, I’m Wade Wilson!! 

But enough about me, here's more sexy info about me!!

I started wearing nuthuggers when I was 13 years old with the help of a randy gym coach and I haven’t been able to stop!


One of my favorite things is the pants-less lambada. Yes! The Forbidden Dance!

I have a subscription to Mr. Skin's website with Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry and Patrick Stewart's pages all bookmarked. X3 indeed... RAWWRRR

I cook and bake pies in the nude. I also vacuum, dust, milk the neighborhood cows, shower, crochet cable knit sweaters, wash the car, play Dungeons & Dragons, slop the hogs, do puzzles, plant daises, mow the yard, do my taxes, play G.I. Joes, do yoga, fold the laundry, shoe horses, wash the dishes, and do a really DEEP scrubbing clean of my oven weekly all in the nude. Can you believe how nude I am constantly??

I want to thank all the lovely people at The Variant for this amazing opportunity! Especially that hot little number Tomisina. Man, the THANKS I would give her... Like I would THANK her all day and night. I would THANK her on the kitchen table and THANK her on the bathroom floor (which incidentally you can eat off of because I cleaned it in the nude). I would THANK her in the front seat of a Volkswagen, and the back seat of a Volkswagen which is shiny clean and waxed from the good nude scrubbing I gave it. Anyway yeah... I'd THANK her sooooo much. 

Also I wanna give a shout -out, HI YUKIO!! She's my bff!

Also Colossus, you big metal hunk of a giant-sized man-thing you!! 

Demographic Teenage Wasteland, you know i love you too!

Sing me 'Nothing Compares 2 U' again!"

Anyway, this month's Deadpool NSFW Spotlight was brought to you by the letters F and U and the number 69!

(yep still me, I just turned off the italics) 

All the photography was done by that sweet sweet, Tomisina girl who I already told you I wanted to THANK out in the horse barn or the tire swing behind the house and on top of Hawkeye's wife's car hood. OOO... I could definitely do a three-way THANKING-FEST with Hawkeye's wife Velma and Tomisina... mmmmm ... oooh yeahhh... 

 WAIT!! You idiots, get out of my sexy dreams!!!

...why are you still reading this??

GO CHECK OUT THE (dick) PICS!!!! (psst, there's 4 of them) 

Meet the Sexy Waifu!


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Tomisina Lynn Portrait Photography

(Call me babe!! Oh wait... stupid me, you're in my basement with Blind Al!) HEY AL!! AL!!!!!


Hmmm... ok maybe a 90 / 10 chance... 

Speaking of BANG, how about that Face?

He's single, ladies!

I'll be posting his phone number at the Blue Oyster Bar...

In the bathroom, stall 4. You know the one... 

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