June Cosplay Spotlight

Four Princesses. One Awkward Turtle.

We're spotlighting talent in the cosplay community! 

Every month, The Variant showcases different cosplayers who display talent, creativity, and a positive voice for the cosplay community!

After our huge Con-Pilation Spotlight last month we decided to go back to basics for June.

Our photography director, Tomisina Lynn, specializes in Princess photography so we shot four full sets of the illustrious Awkward Turtle Cosplay in a "before and after" look at both Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. 

Awkward Turtle brought us her incredible Aurora and Briar Rose cosplays as well as her Cinderella in her ball gown and peasant outfit and these pictures are nothing short of STUNNING!!

We practiced social distancing and shot on-location at the Raleigh Rose Garden in Raleigh, NC where of course shenanigans ensued. (Keep an eye on our social media for all the derpy outtakes!!)

Also HUGE shout-out and THANKS to The Feverfew for letting us use their song "Goodbye, Blue Monday" in the cover video.

You can find more incredible music from them here:


Wait... why are you still reading this??


Click to check out their social media!!!

Meet the Cosplayer!

Awkward Turtle Cosplay

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Check out the photos!

"Four Princesses. One Awkward Turtle.


Tomisina Lynn Portrait Photography


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