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June Spotlight 
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We're spotlighting talent in the cosplay community! Every month, The Variant will showcase a different cosplayer displaying talent, creativity, and a positive voice for the community!

For the last seven years I've attended Animazement in Raleigh, NC. Personally this is my home town con and has always been one of my absolute favorites. The cosplay community comes out in droves and no matter what, everyone bands together and has an amazing time.

This year was no exception with the only difference being that instead of cosplaying I was on the opposite end of the camera. Recently I started taking pictures for the website and while I am by no means any type of professional photographer, I did ok shooting at a few one day cons. Animazement being the pinnacle of the local cosplay scene every year, I knew I had to step up my game. I in no way thought I could take this giant beast on by myself though and made sure I brought help.

C & C Media Design as well as Diva & Death were on hand to help me capture as much of the cosplay goodness that Animazement had to offer. Let me tell you, with over 5000 photos to pick from, the following cosplay spotlight was no easy task to narrow down.

With over 100 photos, and 10cosplayers, this is hands-down the biggest spotlight we've ever done. There's some familiar faces as we have returning spotlight stars, Adachi Trieu, Charlie Rocket Cosplay, Smash Cosplay Miss Faye, Emery Rose and BlackKarma Cosplay.


Joining these Variant veterans are some of the best of the best we saw at Animazement. Elven Spirit Cosplay, Weapon X Cosplay, G.C. Kinsey Cosplay, Ashe.S, Sombrii Does Art and Fan-Fiction Cosplay all brought the cosplay ruckus though and are definitely some great cosplayers to check out!

Again I will say that combing through 5000 pictures and narrowing it down to 100+ was no easy task but that doesn't discount all the cosplayers we saw this year at Animazement as we have a few thousand pictures of the rest of you that we're posting on our Facebook page! You are all talented and AMAZING cosplayers and that right there, to me, is the best part of Animazement every year; seeing everyone come out in their cosplay finest and absolutely KILLING IT!!

Give yourselves some applause Animazement cause you all ROCK HARD!!!

What are you doing here still reading this??? GO CHECK OUT THE PICS!!!



RJ Marchese

C&C Media Design

Diva & Death

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