July Cosplay Spotlight

Like a Boss!!!

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"Hello! My name is Adachi and I’m a self taught seamstress. When I first discovered the world of cosplay it was at Anime Expo in 2011! At the time I didn’t have much funds to afford lessons or a sewing machine but my love for theater was perfect for this type of hobby.


Dressing up as my favorite heroines and taking on their personalities? What more could I ask for? I examined my own clothing and learned how to hand stitch from the internet via tutorials and guides. Over the years through trial and error I’ve been able to grow and acquire new skill sets in this amazing hobby.


Whether it was designing and creating the costumes or learning how to style wigs and finding new methods to apply make up. I’ve become a well rounded performer through embodying the characters I cosplay and use my skills to best portray their persona. Cosplaying has so much artistry and freedom of choices on how we all personally see each character. I hope to share my craft with you!"

Adachi, a three-peat Cosplay Spotlight was last seen here back in 2017 in her own April Spotlight, our Animazement Spotlight and the incredible Marvel vs. DC Volleyball Spotlight! You can check those out at the Previous Spotlights link below.

This time Adachi wanted to shoot her Atago from Azur Lane, an online battleship game and since we were so close to Wilmington NC, The U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship was the perfect backdrop for it. Let me tell you, she took over that boat like a BOSS!!! 

We also went back to her "Cosplay Spotlight roots" and shot her Rin from Fate / Grand Order at The Juggling Gypsy Cafe which graciously let us shoot her first Spotlight there.

 ...wait... why are you still reading this?? GO CHECK OUT THE PICS!!!!

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Adachi Trieu

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"Atago / Rin"


RJ Marchese

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