April Cosplay Spotlight


April Spotlight 
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We're spotlighting talent in the cosplay community! Every month, The Variant will showcase a different cosplayer displaying talent, creativity, and a positive voice for the community!

Hello friends!! Ready for some exciting news?! I'm Adachi from this amazing group called the Fan Dames Initiative and I'll be taking over this month's Cosplay Spotlight! Please enjoy this interview and my photoshoot and be sure to check out all the content from our takeover this week on The Variant. Also feel free to stop by our Facebook for updates on our festivities and come see us at Raleigh Supercon 2017!! We're so excited to meet you all and share our talents with you!

How did you get into cosplay?
I first started cosplaying back in 2011 when I was visiting California and it just happened to be the same time as Anime Expo. I was really excited to attend such a big convention and wanted to enjoy it in cosplay. I decided to go small and made a Tifa Lockhart cosplay and bought a Chun Li cosplay online. I thoroughly enjoyed the convention and meeting new friends because of the cosplays. It was like a conversation piece that helped break me out of my shyness bubble. Ever since then I couldn't stop cosplaying. I bought a sewing machine and started learning how to sew on my own. When I was in high school, we were strictly an all academic school and had no artistic electives. Cosplay became my artistic outlet and it has continued to be. The friends I've made through cosplay and the experiences it has given me are so rewarding that I don't believe I'll stop for a very long time.

What's your favorite cosplay that you do?
My favorite cosplay by far is Ahri from League of Legends. I love having fluffy tails even though they can be a pain to maneuver in. I also love her character design. The outfits are always so gorgeous and fun. I also like constructing the tails for the cosplay. It's challenging but also provides me with learning curves and I enjoy challenges.

Tell me one of your best convention experiences.
My best convention experience would be Animazment 2014 when I was able to make it on the very last day. I had planned to attend the entire weekend but work called me in. Although it was only Sunday I enjoyed every bit of it. All the panels I went to ran smoothly, I was able to see all the friends I was planning to see, I still got to dress up and enjoy an amazing performance at the closing ceremony. Even though it was short, the atmosphere and everything else just went by perfectly.

Worst con experience?
My worse convention experience is having a cosplay fall apart due to the weather. It was so heated during one day that my worbla pieces decided to soften. I clearly didn't seal it well enough and it was an unfortunate learning experience. I've heard stories about not leaving worbla in your car too long or in direct sunlight for certain duration of time but I didn't expect it to soften on me while I was wearing it. The more you know! lol

If money were no issue what would be your dream cosplay?
I would love love love to create a gundam cosplay. I love mechs and think it would be pretty amazing to walk around in a suit of armor like I'm a giant. They also have such cool character designs and weapons. Who doesn't want to be a giant gundam wielding a gigantic sword or gun? In reality I'm 5 ft tall and it would just be amazing to be a giant fighting machine. I also feel that the larger cosplays like a mech or Dj Sona is something you would expect to see from a guest appearance. The Fan Dames and I will be guests at Raleigh Supercon this year and I would love to bring my A game for everyone to enjoy! I'm hoping to make a few great cosplays to share with you all!

What's your favorite Fandom?
My favorite fandom is Sailor Moon. It's so overrated but it was the very first anime that I truly loved and wanted to watch 24/7. It taught me so many simple little things children are suppose to know at the end of each episode. How to treat your friends and learn to communicate with others. When I was younger, growing up was rough for my family. My mother came to America when she was about 19 years old and didn't speak a word of English. So when I was born it was difficult to keep a job while taking care of me. We moved so much that I never really had friends. Watching Sailor Moon and imagining about meeting new friends in situations where I had to save the world kept me content. It was a large part of my childhood and I can't ever deny that.

How did you come to join the Fan Dames Initiative?
Back in 2012 I found this amazing group called the D20 girls which helped empower women and girls in the nerd/geek community. I applied and joined because I wanted to meet new friends and these talented women. Over the years we branched away from D20 and the new group the Fan Dames Initiative was created. We hold the views about being body positive and encouragement for women/girls in this community. I love these ladies so much! They're all so talented and involved in the cosplay community here. I believe that becoming friends with them it has helped me be more positive about myself and gain more confidence. In July the Fan Dames and I will be making a guest appearance at Raleigh Supercon!! It is so exciting to us as this is Supercon's first year in Raleigh. The ladies and I are ecstatic about bringing out some awesome cosplays and meeting everyone. I believe it's going to be a blast! There is so much already being announced by Raleigh Supercon and I believe much more to come! Please come see us and all the other amazing guests!

Also a HUGE shout-out to The Juggling Gypsy Cafe in Wilmington NC for letting us shoot Adachi's DJ Sona pics on their stage!!

We loved last month's shoot with Diva & Death so much we asked them back to shoot again! Diva & Death is the definitive Marvel Team-Up from the minds of Miss Faye's Cosplay Closet and her best friend Erica Citrullo. They design costumes, take pictures, and create amazing makeup FX, all while live streaming video games and being full time moms. These ladies can do it all!!


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